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The Debt We Owe...

on Tuesday, 01 December 1959. Posted in Social Credit

History proves that those advocating any reform intended to ameliorate human suffering or advance material conditions have always been beset with what appeared to be insuperable difficulties.

Serfs refused to accept their new won freedom and asked to be taken back in bondage, owing to the fact that vested interests made it almost impossible for these landless people to fend for themselves. Came the Machine Age and Shaftesbury who, when promoting his child labour laws, met with grievous opposition from unexpected quarters. Fellow reformers voted against his Bill: Ministers of Religion preached against it, holding with economists of that day that Britain could not compete commercially with Continental countries without the assistance of child labour in her factories. And this at a time when children were working 10-12 hours each day and were herded at night in dormitories without regard to sex, making depravity rampant.

No matter what the reform has been purely humanitarian or material from Stevenson's first railway engine to Marconi's wireless, vested interests have always without scruple used every venomous trick that could be thought up by eager minions in their strenuous opposition to any advance.

It is just the same today in regard to Social Credit. The people must be subjected to perpetual financial slavery — perpetual debt with accompanying perpetual taxation. Meanwhile selfish vested interests work at top speed to fasten these financial chains on a disrupted world through a World Bank in their aim to protect their interests in perpetuity.

It matters nothing to such that their nefarious mechanisations have caused two World Wars, and their policy of brinkmanship has made a third loom up which may result in the extinction of civilisation. As recent history proves, their machinations show that they "swept aside with imperiousness." the peoples' representatives at the Versailles Peace Conference and laid down "their own terms"; financial terms, incidentally, that proved impossible of fulfilment, and today pour out lying propaganda and insist upon ą denial of free speech over all broadcasting systems in order to protect their selfish interests and power over humanity, while civilisation trembles on the brink of a precipice.

In spite of the lessons of the New Testament of how the money-changers were driven from their temples and the people fed before being addressed; the same minions come forward to assist in this nefarious work in which the ignorance of the people as a whole is played upon in a similar manner to that in days gone by, as has been shown.

After this brief glance at historical fact, it is not to be expected that Social Crediters, in advocating one of the greatest, yet one of the most simple reforms ever promulgated, a reform which would free all people economically from present tribulations and remove all danger of world catastrophe, should be immune from attack.

It may be a long and hard road, but Truth must eventually prevail. Many may fall by the wayside, or endeavour to take short cuts which would undermine the truth, but with faith and a full appreciation of what is owed to those who have gone before, both reformers and those who made the supreme sacrifice in two World Wars to ensure and then perpetuate the many freedoms the British race enjoys today, no one should lose heart. Otherwise, we who remain will default in payment of the great debt we owe to those who have gone before.

Editorial — New Zealand Social Crediter, June 15, 1959.

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