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The Africans enrol themselves in the fight for justice

Written by Marcel Lefebvre on Wednesday, 01 May 2013. Posted in Social Credit

Cardinal Turkson and bishop Mathieu MadegaPilgrims of Saint Michael, let us bring hope to all our brothers and sisters of the world! I want to thank you very much for having accompanied me with your special prayers that have permitted me to realize the most fruitful journey of apostolate of my life in Africa. During this mission of two and a half months, I have visited five countries: Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville and Congo-Kinshasa.

Bishop Mathieu MADEGA, very enthusiastic

Following our formidable week of study of August 2012, in Rougemont, we have seen among others, Most Rev. Mathieu Madega, Bishop of Port Gentil, Gabon, inflamed by the information that was received.

His indignation reached a peak when he learned the real reasons of extreme poverty of the African countries, in spite of their immense wealth of raw materials, natural resources. He was also equally indignant about the large debts of the countries of Europe and of North America, due to the debt-money system, the biggest slavery of all time.

Bishop Madega left Canada with his suitcases filled to capacity, with documentation from MICHAEL to distribute during the Synod of the Bishops for the “New Evangelization” last October in Rome.

During this occasion, Bishop Madega even dared to invite Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council Justice and Peace, to go to the diocese of Port Gentil, to preside at a Eucharistic Celebration which took place on January 13, 2013. The Holy Mass was followed by an excellent allocution on the Social Doctrine of the Church, given by Cardinal Turkson, from which large extracts were published in the Jan.-Feb. 2013 issue of MICHAEL.

Bishop Madega insisted on inviting us in his diocese, January 8-16, for a week of study on Social Credit, a new concept of economy which would make money an instrument of service for each person instead of the person being at the service of money.

This teaching took place in the diocese of Port Gentil. Saint Louis, King of France, is the patron saint of the Cathedral of Port Gentil. It is King Saint Louis who said: “The first duty of a king is to strike his own money to be able to facilitate exchanges between his subjects”. Which king today, which President of a country strike his own money? None!

In 1931, in his Encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, Pope Pius XI had denounced “those who, because they hold and control money, are able also to govern credit and determine its allotment, for that reason supplying, so to speak, the lifeblood to the entire economic body, and grasping, as it were, in their hands the very soul of production, so that no one dare breathe against their will.”

I thank Divine Providence that has guided us to the diocese of Port Gentil, dedicated to Saint Louis of France, that we may be able to bring a message of hope, a message of liberation about a money system without debts at the service of the person, of the family and for the harmonious development of each country.

Gabriel KoubangI wish to thank very much our precious collaborator in Lomé, Togo, Mr. Gabriel Kougang, who accompanied me during one month in Gabon and in Cameroon, As it was impossible for him to come to Rougemont, to be able to acquire some training, he taught himself, reading and re-reading the material of MICHAEL, and listening many times the audio conferences of our founders on Social Credit. He has mastered the subject and is able to present it in a dynamic way

Here is an example to imitate for all our African-friends. Thank you very much also to Mr. Olivier Obiang Sue of Cameroon, who contributed four days in Gabon and one week in Cameroon.

Thanks to these efforts deployed by Bishop Madega, the week of study was an immense success with more than 700 people participating. Bishop Madega has gratified us with a medal of honour from his diocese and a certificate (diplayed above) for the teaching that we have given them. But we should have issued ourselves, a diploma of high distinction for the remarkable competence with which he has explained in an impeccable and animated manner the teaching of Social Credit.

The participants whole heartedly accepted the message. We have shown by video some conferences given by our founder, Louis Even. We talked about C.H. Douglas, the inventor of Social Credit. At the end of the week of study, a person highly qualified and of an intellectual level of high rank, even said that Louis Even and C.H. Douglas should be decorated with a Nobel Prize for economics.

Diplôme d'honneur donné à M. Marcel LefebvreWe want to express to Bishop Madega our great satisfaction and gratefulness for these eight marvellous days that we have spend in his diocese, thousands of thanks. Also to his precious collaborators that has made possible this unforgettable event. Let us give thanks to God.

In Libreville, the political capital of Gabon, Archbishop Basile Mve Engone gave us a warm and marvellous welcome. He had mobilized all the resources and associations of his diocese for four days of training in Social Credit and the Social Doctrine of the Church. All the priests were called to participate in two complete mornings of training.

His Excellency Archbishop Basile honoured us by his presence throughout the session of study and awarded a certificate to each participant. He also introduced us to very interesting and friendly people. Bishop Basile had been in Rougemont in September 2011. After returning in his country, he provided 80,000 copies of the ‘Vers Demain’ Journal, the equivalent of 2000 kilos (4.2 tonnes).

Marcel LefebvreIt is through Archbishop Kleda of Douala, Cameroon, that he could obtain those offprints of our journal. We had sent 8 000 kilos (17.6 tonnes) of prints to Archbishop Kleda. This had permitted me to generously offer some journals to those who wished to spread the light around them.

We were invited to give a conference during a meeting of the Superiors and Treasurers of the Salesian nuns in Libreville. These Nuns were from five countries of Central Africa. All our thanks to good Father Gregory of the Community Foyer de la Charité de Marthe Robin who had lodged us so well, also to Bishop Basile and to all those who made possible this marvellous journey to Libreville.

We want to express our deep gratitude to all the precious collaborators of those countries, to all those participants in the study sessions and conferences who have warmly greeted the message of truth that we have transmitted. May Heaven in return gratify you with its blessings! Let us remain united in prayer and in combat.

Personal certificate from he Bishop of Port Gentil, Gabon, acknowledging the excellence of the presentation of Mr. Marcel Lefebvre during the session “Justice, Peace and Social Credit”.


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