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Social Credit unites us

on Friday, 01 October 2010. Posted in Social Credit

Bishop Valentin Masengo NkindaHere are some thoughts of Most. Rev. Valentin Masengo Nkinda, bishop of the diocese of Kabinda, in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

It was a great joy for us, during the meeting of our Episcopal Conference in Kinshasa, to have a member of the Pilgrims of St. Michael in the person of Marcel Lefebvre. Since our arrival here (in Rougemont), with all we have heard during the conferences, we have finally understood what it is all about. As for me, I have understood Social Credit with the explanations given to us – especially its twofold aspect: first, credit means confidence that must prevail if a population is to function properly, and credit means also money, which is based on trust. I also understood the problem of the unsolvable debt that all countries, especially Africa, are facing. In Africa, the burden of the debt is heavier because of the misery of the people.

This brought me to say: “There is something here (in Rougemont) that is very important and serious. Before coming here, I thought there was no possible alternative to today’s poverty and debts but after this week of study, and the witty eloquence of Mr. Alain Pilote, we managed to grasp the message. We must do something now. The teaching that we have received, have opened our eyes and our minds, and drive us to commit ourselves in the same battle for the well-being of our people.

Myself I think that it was not an accident that we were invited here, it is the Hand of God, Who guides all. I ask the members of the Pilgrims of St. Michael to believe, that if you come in my diocese, I will have my arms open to receive you. I am today; more convinced than ever, that this is a battle for the people of God, and especially for us, the Africans, who are rejected by the world.

The debt of my country, of our African countries, makes the Africans assemble together and if there is a battle to be fought, I believe that the Africans will be ready to fight this battle for Social Credit. While waiting for my African brothers, I believe that Social Credit unites us and that we must fight this battle for justice together. This battle is worth being fought, we have to commit ourselves now. We are convinced that a lot of good can be achieved in Africa with Social Credit, so we open our dioceses to you without hesitation. We want Social Credit to soar, and get things moving for the glory of God and the salvation of the world.”

Bishop Valentin Masengo Nkinda

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