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Social Credit in Ontario

on Saturday, 01 October 1955. Posted in Social Credit

It is not generally realized that there are a considerable, and growing, number of Social Crediters in every part of Canada. Too many think of Social Credit in terms only of Alberta or British Columbia, or "party" politics. Actually, Social Credit is the "policy of a philosophy" or, shall we say, a new approach to our problems — an approach based squarely upon the Christian philosophy. This approach does include reform of the financial system, but not the organizing of more "party machines."

The Social Credit Movement is interested in education and action. Canadians must be shown the facts, and then encouraged to bring pressure to bear which will cause their demands to be translated into action. Education must precede intelligent action.

The centre of the S. C. educational program in recent years has been in Quebec. But in Ontario, for instance, there are thousands of subscribers and readers of S. C. publications. In one northern riding alone there are some two thousand regular paid-up subscriptions. And steady and increasing educational work is going on at the grass-root level.

Simcoe-East riding was the scene last month of a series of S. C. conferences. At Lafontaine, some 90 miles north of Toronto, sessions were addressed by directors of the movement, and were followed by a capacity audience at a public meeting, Sept. 18, in the parish hall. Speakers included Louis Even and Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Mercier of Montreal, and Ron Gostick of Ontario.

The Social Credit movement is spreading.

This publication is the instrument for the Social Credit education of English-speaking Canadians. You have noted that not only do we publish regularly, important information on monetary and economic questions, but we also lay before the reader, vital information on international affairs — information which our daily press dare not publish.

This information must be put into more hands. Your neighbor and associates have a right to it. And to put it into their hands is YOUR responsibility. Pass along this paper; solicit subscriptions; build up our circulation. Remember: all, that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.

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