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Social Credit in Australia (May 1955)

on Sunday, 01 May 1955. Posted in Social Credit

The Social Credit Movement is expanding in every part of the British Commonwealth. The New Times, an excellent Social Credit paper published in Melbourne, Australia, outlines Social Credit policy in these terms:

1. The preservation of Australia's sovereignty as a part of the British Empire, and the exposure of all internal and external groups which attack that sovereignty.

2. The preservation and extension of genuine local government.

3. The preservation and strengthening of all Constitutional safeguards for the purpose of protecting fundamental individual rights.

4. The encouragement of all activities designed to bring Governments under more effective control by the electors.

5. The preservation and extension of genuine free, competitive enterprise and private ownership, and opposition to all Monopoly, whether it be "private" or State.

6. The support of a financial policy which will (a) permit free enterprise to make available to all individuals an increasing standard of living and greater leisure for cultural pursuits; and (b) result in no further increase to the community's indebtedness and the sound business practice of gradually reducing existing debt.


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