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Social Credit, a scientific technique of finance

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Wednesday, 01 October 2003. Posted in Social Credit

Progress in the wallet and production make the “able to pay” correspond to the “able to produce”

As you read the “Michael” Journal, you will see the fields of economics and politics in a new light. The “Michael” Journal gives you true principles. They are principles that have always existed, but they are forgotten today. The principles of justice and order commanded the civil powers, religious powers, and other influential powers. These principles were taught to us by Christianity for two thousand years, and wished to be applied through the ages of Christianity. But today, now that Freemasonry has taken control in the governments and social structures, the elected officials, the intellectual and professional elite, are too unchristian and ensnared to practice the principles of Christianity and to apply them to social life.

Before knowing Social Credit, before reading the “Michael” Journal, one should be careful not to say: “This is too good to be true!” or “The White Berets are crazy!” Prejudices will not help you find the road of truth; on the contrary, they will only show you that you look for the light in the gutter press that is the mouth of hell and vomits error, hate and corruption. Our poor contemporaries who feed themselves with this filth, cannot but be poisoned in their spirit, their soul and conscience. Only the “Michael” Journal can detoxify them.

We can say right now that Social Credit, once applied, will dethrone the powerful, the money powers, freemasonry, and communism.

Now, to those who say, “The White Berets are crazy”, I propose a simple reading of the “Michael” Journal and the brochures of the White Berets. And their case will be settled, I am certain, if they are of good faith.

“Too good to be true”

This childish objection, “it is too good to be true”, is easy to settle. Is it not true that the same thing was said about all the new inventions when they appeared? There were people to say “it's too good to be true!” For example, when your grandfather was told for the first time that there was a machine that talked, like the phonograph, do you think that your grandfather did not throw up his hands and say: “It's too good to be true!”

Nowadays, we are used to great progress in physical science. We should have our spirit open to economic science, as it is the case for the Social Credit technique.

Progress in your wallet

full walletSocial Credit wants to put in your wallet the same progress that you find in the production of goods. Today, all sorts of things are made: cars, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. And the producers are capable of furnishing all of this, for as long as the people are able to pay for them.

It is the “being able to pay for them” that is faulty. It has not been updated with the capacity to produce. It resembles the cart of my grandfather. The cart was replaced by the airplane. Why is the wallet that is behind the times today not replaced by a modern wallet, Social Credit?

Now, Social Credit asks that the money in the wallets of people, the purchasing power of everyone — the capacity to pay — be put in conformity with the articles for sale, that are produced so easily —the capacity to produce.

Do not say that Social Credit is too good to be true! Is it not true that cars are made continuously for the consumers? Isn't that true that there are refrigerators for every house? Why can't a full wallet for everyone in the world be just as true?

Social Credit, is, in finance, the same progress as production, so that the people are able to pay what they are able to produce. The problem today is not the production, but the means of payment. We must therefore attack the problem of the means of payment.

Everyone should understand this, because it is important for all. Take, for instance, the unemployment of so many workers, manual laborers and intellectuals, on top of prices rising all the time; two unsolvable problems in the present financial system.

“How can we live? We have no job! And milk, bread, butter, as well as life become more and more expensive! How can we pay the rent, food, heating, clothing and taxes?”

No openings for young people

And what about the young people who come out of the schools, loaded with diplomas, what kind of future do they have? Even if all the governments of the world got together to create jobs, under the present financial system, they would have no solution but to raise taxes and create inflation, a rise of prices, which offers nothing but a gloomy future for all. Revolution and anarchy are the inevitable consequences of this constant rise of prices, of this colossal, growing, unemployment, and all these young people without a future.

Young people without a future are potential revolutionaries. They have the predisposition and the strength. They even have the right to become revolutionaries. Leftist leaders know it well, and this is why, in all the countries of the world, they encourage governments to build up these monstrous schools where revolution is cultivated: the teachers are the leaders of revolution, and the students become its ardent fighters, even to the point of carrying weapons; the schools themselves become offices, refuges, centers and headquarters of the revolutionaries. Their plan has been well formulated in advance. Is this not what we see today in our Western societies?

Authorities should know better

In Canada, despite the fact that this revolutionary march is well under way among young people, the population and governments know about the Social Credit solution. Our authorities should know that the problem of unemployment for the young people and adults, the problem of rising prices, or inflation, is really caused by a shortage of money in front of an abundance of goods. The problem is not to create jobs, but it is the financial system that needs to be subjugated in order to make it a servant of economic life, instead of its master. This dictatorial control over the economic life is a grave anomaly, an intellectual nonsense, an economic injustice and moral affront to all civilized people and to people who call themselves Christians.

The stores and warehouses are full of products. There is so much that it is for this very reason people are unemployed. Too many products are left unsold. Why call for more jobs to create more goods, when there are already too many goods that remain unsold?

What should we ask for? We should ask for what we need. We must ask for money to be able to buy the products, because that is what is missing; money! Social Credit says: the financial system does not correspond to the producing system. The wallets are not in connection with the full stores.

An order to be given

Our governments must give the order so that a financial system will be put in operation, a financial system that serves instead of commands, that will fill the wallets of everyone when the producing system fills the stores.

The Social Credit technique includes:

  1. new money issued as new production is made;
  2. a scientific adjustment of prices to prevent any inflation and deflation;
  3. a dividend to each person so that there will be a just distribution of the goods necessary for a decent existence.

Suppose that the Parliament of Canada votes a Social Credit law today. This law would decree that a monthly dividend of at least $800 for every person of the nation. Then, at the beginning of the next month, each of us would receive a check of $800 signed by the Canadian Government.

What would happen then? Well! The case of unemployment would be solved by the $800. In a family of six, you would receive $2,400 every month. The necessities of life would be guaranteed. The dividend to every person would help all the economic life to function normally; the stores would liquidate their stocks; the manufacturers would call in the unemployed. The people with their school diplomas would freely take up the occupations that they want according to their talents, studies and tastes.

Where would we get the money?

“But, where will the government get the money to pay a dividend? Will not the taxes go up?” No, no, with Social Credit the taxes will not go up. On the contrary, they will all disappear.

Social Credit is not the backward system of today. Social Credit is a financial system that conforms to the wealth of the country and to progress. Today, the country is rich enough, progress is great enough, that our governments administered themselves without pressuring the people with taxes and persecuting them with public surveillance. A simple accounting — numbers at the service of the country's wealth — would solve the problem of the funding of public administrations. Today's taxes would disappear and so would the slavery of the income taxes reports.

To be rich, is it not to have the means with which to buy things? Well then! Our countries that are so rich should have the means to give to their people things such as the freedom from paying taxes and from being constantly watched over by the public powers. Social Credit presents a scientific and liberating technique of financial accounting just like the progress of science and machinery gradually accomplished scientific liberation from the forces of nature.

May Social Credit free us from financial slavery as physical and mathematical science has freed us from material slavery!

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