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Rip Van Winkle Awakes

on Friday, 01 May 1959. Posted in Social Credit

Due to the actual fact the taxpayers, comprising the vast majority of consumers, are beginning to rub the mesmeric cobwebs from their eyes, and are blinking in the new light that is gradually revealing a wonderful vision of life; the realization is slowly dawning that the continuous voting of Party governments into power every four or five years is not the quickest way of obtaining food, clothes, shelter, fuel, and other essentials of life on earth, notwithstanding all the splendid promises given just before election.

In fact, come to think of it after such party elections, it is increasingly harder to get those very commodities we all must have in order to not only live, but to keep industry functioning freely and without dictatorial restriction. And, without the economic freedom of industry, without independent and individual enterprise, which is decidedly not free under government interference, it becomes progressively impossible to obtain gainful employment. From the trend of events, it seems that the privileged few have a tough job to keep the people tax-payers from awakening. They're getting jittery because it is a well known fact that you can only hypnotise those who are under the power so called of hypnosis, artificially induced sleep when it appears possible to make them do your bidding. Fortunately, this state is not permanent, so, if the subjects are to remain passive and "obedient" periodic recourse to hypnotic influence must be the order of the day. We have a twenty-four hour diversion from common sense, and reality thrust upon us, that is, in most cases, sufficient to keep us occupied physically, so that there is little or no time left to think our way through life's activities.

It is time to awake to the fact that our scientists and great economic students are voicing the necessity of financing consumption to equate production. In the November 15, 1941, issue of the British Calvalcade, Professor Soddy, a world-renowned scientist, wrote: "A growing and progressive civilisation demands, as the Social Credit Party advocates, the continuous issue of new money to consumers — not as a loan or debt, but as a gift. This the writer unreservedly endorses.". He also wrote: "Science without Social Credit is sheer-suicide." This undoubtedly shows that it is the continuous payment of a national dividend — over and above wages and salaries earned — that is going to operate in the realm of consumption much on the principle of the continuous and uninterrupted flow of water and electricity which supplies all with water and light."

"Every child that is born into this world under the present banker's private system inherits a debt running into four figures." The longer that system is allowed to last, and to exploit the public, the larger the inherited debt grows, untill you are so hopelessly sunk in the mire you may despair of ever being free to enjoy life's activities again...

Most workers believe that their interests will be better served through socialism — government ownership — but, listen! It was Montague Norman who said: "Nationalization? We welcome it!" Why? Because the mere handing over of everything to Government ownership would not effect the private banking system. But, it would give the banks absolute control, which would mean that the consumers, Mr. and Mrs. Public, would then come under the banker's law of 'work or starve.'

...let us mould 'public opinion' by educating ourselves and our neighbours by keeping Social Credit before the attention of not only our governments, but business managers, clubs, and study groups, and, most of all, make use of our own intelligence, and refuse to be hoodwinked by 'big business' and banker's propaganda. Social Credit is mutual trust, faith, and belief we have in association. So, collectively, the people can get the results they want, through their government. Now we are aroused from our long sleep, let us stay awake.


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