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Our petitions for the cancellation of the national debt

on Monday, 01 January 2001. Posted in Debts & Deficits

Have been presented in the House of Commons On October 19, 2000, by Mr. Guy St-Julien, Liberal MP for Abitibi, Que.

A total of 48,629 signatures

36th Parliament, 2nd Session

Edited Hansard • Number 132

Thursday, October 19, 2000


Mr. Guy St-Julien (Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik, Lib.): Madam Speaker, I have the honour and privilege of presenting a great Canadian petition in the House of Commons on behalf of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael, in attendance today:

The 26,129 signatories to a petition of over 1,100 pages, in addition to 22,500 petitioners, last year, call on parliament to ask the Government, in the spirit of Jubilee 2000, to take steps to cancel the national debt, the primary cause of taxes and people's great poverty, to stop borrowing from financial institutions, and to create the money necessary for the country, as the Canadian Constitution entitles it to do and requires it to do.

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