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Man Versus Providence

on Sunday, 01 March 1959. Posted in Social Credit

In the Montreal Gazette of January 30, 1959, a report appeared stating that President Eisenhower was against further price supports. According of the President, there was a pile-up of $9,000,000,000 worth of unsaleable, surplus produce — corn, wheat rice, peanuts, tobacco, cotton, etc — which has been paid for by the American people.

A strange twist that tens of thousands are hungry while 9 billion dollars worth of food lies rotting. What an indictment of our financial system that, in the face of so much producing power, it is unable to furnish equal purchasing power! If 9 billion dollars were in the hands of the people, this surplus would soon disappear. And if this purchasing power were kept at the same level as the farmers' productive ability, neither the President nor the farmer would have any need of price supports. But though the abundance of one comes from Providence through nature, the lack of the other comes through the malice and shortsightedness of men!

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