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Letter from Ontario

on Tuesday, 01 November 1955. Posted in Social Credit

From Penetang, Ontario (90 miles north of Toronto), comes this letter to us:

Nov. 9, 1955

Dear Editor:

I'm just back from our weekly meeting in La fontaine and I thought of dropping you a few lines.

We have been out regularly every Sunday, and even during week-time, for subscriptions to VERS DEMAIN and SOCIAL CREDIT. So far, I believe that we have done fairly well. This past week we have taken 25 subscriptions to S.C. Next Sunday I'm planning on going out to Christian Island, as the Indians are expecting us in November. We will try and get as many subs as possible for the last week of November, as you know we are celebrating the 16th anniversary of VERS DEMAIN (French language S. C. paper -- Ed.).

Yours sincerely,


And not only in Ontario and Quebec. Social Credit missionaries have recently gone into Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, carrying Social Credit literature, explaining the Social Credit viewpoint, and signing up subscribers for Social Credit publications.

The Social Credit educational campaign is spreading. It is becoming truly national. Why not send in your own renewal and solicit and send in subscriptions for friends and neighbours.

Make December our biggest SOCIAL CREDIT month yet.

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