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In the Service of Theft

on Wednesday, 01 July 1959. Posted in Social Credit

To all appearances the primary function of the government is to tax the citizens. The climax of every session is the bringing down of the budget by the minister of Finance. There is always a great deal of speculation preceding its exposé; will there or will there not be an increase in taxes? And when the budgets details have become public, there is vast discussion long afterwards on every point.

And when there is a slight decrease in taxes, such an event is known as "relief" for the taxpayer. And very apt the term is. For taxation is very definitely a scourge. We have stated and repeated ad nauseam, and explained in no uncertain terms, that taxes make of the government an agent in the service of theft. The citizens are its victims. And the highpriests of this "religion" of robbery (for so it is made to appear to the eyes of the ignorant and the unthinking something sacred which must not be touched, disturbed or questioned) are the financiers." And each time the government takes taxes which it turns over to the highpriests of this cult, it serves this system, plunging the people deeper and deeper into debt in the measure that the people produce, themselves, real wealth — goods and services.

Social Credit would rectify this situation for all; for the government, for producers, for consumers. Money would be issued without charge for all new production. It would return to its source without leaving a public debt and without leaving a lack of purchasing power for goods lying in the store in the face of peoples' needs. Thus the people would have the fruits of their labor.

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