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How many horse-power?

on Monday, 01 March 1954. Posted in Social Credit

What, if used to serve individuals, instead of to terrorize humanity?

From The Social Crediter (Liverpool), Dec. 19:

“When President Eisenhower describes in terms which make your hair rise on end the immensity of the power placed in the hands of our 'managers' by 'fissionable material', does he know that he is talking of something which can make human industry, including employment as currently understood, obsolete?...

“Mr. "Eisenhower says the... States can load into a single air unit fissionable material to deliver more energy in a single burst than all the explosives fired from all the arms in all the theatres of the whole of the last war:

To-day the United States stockpile of atomic weapons exceeds by many times the explosive equivalent of the total of all bombs and all shells that came from every plane and every gun in every theatre of war throughout all the years of the second world war.

"Now will anyone tell us just how much is that? — not in pounds sterling (which don't mean anything), but in the units of work technically known as 'foot-pounds'?...

“Will someone put up a demand for the figures, the true figures concerning present atomic potential in terms of let us say slavepower?

“Now here, surely, is something on which to blue unexpended Social Credit bank balances raised on Douglas's credit - if they must be blued?"

"Freedom is power to choose or refuse. You are not independent and free to choose or refuse, if some one else controls and directs money, without which you can do nothing. The Social. Credit attitude to money is that it is merely the account - keeping of production and distribution — not something which should be controlled and directed."

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