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God is the Father of all men

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Monday, 01 October 2001. Posted in The Social Dividend

Replace taxes with a dividend for all

"That unknown God, of whom Saint Paul spoke to the Athenians in the Areopagus. Unknown by them, although without realizing it, they sought Him, and He was close to them, as happens also to many men of our times! To us, in any case, and to all those who accept the ineffable revelation which Christ has given of Him, He is the living God, the Father of all men." These moving words ended the address of Pope Paul VI to the delegates of nations, in New York, on October 4, 1965.

God is a father. He is the Father of all men. That is what the Vicar of Christ proclaimed before the universe.

In the same address, Paul VI said to the United Nations: "You must strive to multiply bread so that it suffices for the tables of mankind, and not rather favor an artificial control of birth, which would be irrational, in order to diminish the number of guests at the banquet of life."

Sufficient bread for the tables. Tables from which no one is excluded. A banquet with the Father, with all of our brothers.

The father of all is God, Almighty God. Is He not able to guarantee bread for each of His children? Of course! Limits to bread are put by men. Bread rations are established by laws of men.

And because men are mean, because they ration bread, they also want to ration the number of guests. They favor birth control, killing our brothers who yet would also have the right to sit at the banquet of the Father, at the table of the Father, the banquet of life.

And yet, the table of the Father is immense. And abundance fills this family table. But men do not fulfill God's program because they are wicked. They do not care about God's Will.

To distribute abundance

Abundance exists. It floods the earth. In our times, the question is not to share, since there is enough for all, more than each one can consume. It is not the sharing, but the distribution of goods to each that must be settled.

To tax some to give to others, this is sharing. But why take from Peter's pocket in order to put it in Paul's hand when abundance is offered to both of them? Let us leave to each one what he has; let us abolish taxes that are rationing. And let us find a system in keeping with abundance to secure for all and each a sufficient part of an honest livelihood.

Those who have never understood Social Credit can admit that it is a desirable thing, but, at the same time, they object that the miracle solution to distribute abundance does not exist. They make a mistake. This solution has been found: it is the social income, the social dividend.

At present, according to means and needs, and to the extent of mental maturity, a $1,000 monthly dividend to each individual in Canada would be feasible. A yearly $12,000 social income given free to each Canadian. A social dividend that would not come from taxes, but from a brand-new credit, issued periodically, as there are today brand-new loans issued by the bank constantly.

Under the present system, there is money issued into the world, but it comes to the world as a loan. Under a Social Credit system, money would come to the world as a social dividend. This is a first difference.

As for money that is created today, the banks declare that they themselves are the owners of it. This is a robbery. New money rightfully belongs to the population. This right is not respected. Social Credit would respect this right. Under a Social Credit system, new money would be really owned by the population, that means by all, each one receiving his part in the form of a social dividend.

The social dividend is therefore the miracle solution that backward economists are still trying to find. This solution has been revealed to the world in 1917 by a man of genius, C.H. Douglas.

The Father is good

God the Father does not refuse goods to men He has created with needs, and whom He regards as His sons. We are sons of God, of a God who is a good Father.

The father is the one who gives life. He is a creator. And the father gives life because he is good. Fatherhood is goodness that begets.

Fathers on earth partake of the goodness of God the Father. The sacrament of Matrimony, has consecrated them fathers. By this sacrament, they have received from God the gift of goodness to love their children, even to a total sacrifice.

The Father is powerful

God the Father is the Almighty. He has all power in Heaven and on earth. And His power is all the more immense since it is a power of love that God can exercise without limits. This power of love is the eternal, invincible, and omnipotent strength. The authority of the Eternal Father is this attribute through which God makes the law, and orders its implementation.

Fathers on earth partake of God's authority. The sacrament of Matrimony has consecrated them in their authority. It has given them the strength to lead their wives and children to happiness on earth, on the way to eternal happiness. The father of a family possesses authority by nature. He is the first of all men to whom God delegates part of His authority. This authority of the father is inalienable. The State must support the father in the exercise of his authority. The State must not take the place of the father nor deprive him of his authority.

And this authority of the father of a family is a strength, a special power that gives the head of the family the required rights to make his family live in the joy of complete perfection. A strength that comes rightfully from his nature of father. And an efficacious strength that comes from the grace of God, which is never lacking for the ministers He has chosen. The father of a family is the minister of God, the delegate of the Creator, in the cell of society, namely, the family.

The family is a divine institution loved by God. He looks after each of them with loving care to shower the treasures of His fatherly heart. He wanted each man to be born in a home with a father and a mother looking after him in his cradle, to rear him, educate him, and lead him to manhood. He also wanted civil society to support every weak home, to ensure order, peace, and stability in our homes, favor the foundation of schools, charitable works, and a multitude of services which our families cannot do without.

If something is not going too well in civil matters - and it is the case at the moment - if something is not going too well in religious matters — and we see, alas, a lot of scandals taking place around us - fathers of families have a special power to beseech God's mercy, and to obtain a special protection and all the required graces to stand firm.

We are convinced of the prodigious efficacy of the gesture of the father of a family who kneels down, surrounded by his wife and children, and says to God: "Lord, I am master, sovereign in my home. Even if our Government falls under Moscow's heel, I will still be the boss here. And I ask Your protection. You know it, Lord. I do not content myself with asking Your reign over this beautiful country where I was born, but I also establish in my home the worship that is due to You. And since I cannot do everything myself, I ask You to properly change that society which must assist me in my duties, whereas this same society, presently, by its atheistic, materialistic, and corrupt institutions, makes our children run the greatest risks imaginable.

Watch out, legislators!

The father of a family bears in himself a strength, a civil power given by God Himself. This power of the father of a family is real, and is efficacious, through the grace of God. And it prevails over any other civil power. The power of the father of a family takes precedence. And God guarantees him success if the father of a family puts himself in God's hands.

These thoughts should make our legislators of today think, they who do not seem to care anymore about the authority and the power of the father of a family. The present legislator sees society impoverishing the fathers of families, depriving them of their properties, inheritances, incomes, institutions, and instead of protecting the fathers of families against a voracious society, the legislator worsens the situation of the father of a family by burdening him with taxes.

Property taxes on family houses, and taxes on the income of the father of a family, are two unspeakable ignominious acts, especially when all taxes are a robbery, and should and could disappear. But our federal and provincial legislators do not care at all about the rights of the father of a family. They do not stop burdening him with new taxes, and keep increasing the old ones.

All of our governments should abolish all taxes immediately. With the wealth presently developed in Canada, it is important to guarantee social dividends for each and all. Taxes are outdated and no longer necessary, in our times of progress.

Thus, progress and our immense natural resources would bring our society back to its natural balance by giving back to fathers of families the authority and the powers that have been given to them by God Himself.

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