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Food For Thought

on Friday, 01 July 1955. Posted in Social Credit

Most of us have read of those suspected of subversion in the United States who hide behind the provisions of the 'Fifth Amendment' of the Constitution, and refuse to answer any question which might incriminate them.

But how many have read of the American who has filed his income tax return form BLANK on the grounds of the 'Fifth Amendment'!

The refusal was based on the principle that all US federal taxes are unlawful because the Constitution does not authorize Congress to collect taxes for the support of foreign Government.

If it is legitimate for those suspected of subversion to refuse to answer questions, who would deny a loyal citizen the same right!

When we realize that we are paying with our taxes for the wheat that our federal government is now arranging to have shipped to Communist dominated Poland and other Red-controlled states, and that we are paying out of taxes to subsidize the sale of butter to Czechoslovakia (Red-controlled) at a much lower price than Canadian housewives have to pay — Canadians might be excused for asking just what moral right our government has to collect taxes from us to finance trade with Red regimes. We supply the goods — and pay for them!

No wonder the Reds are anxious to trade with us under these terms!

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