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Family Allowances

on Thursday, 01 May 1958. Posted in Social Credit

Of all the social measures established in Canada, — the family allowances are the most approaching the Social Credit proposal of a dividend to all. They are a dividend to children. They are an income tied to the person (the child) and dissociated from employment. They are also the most direct way to help the family get access to more consumable goods as the number of consumers increases in the home. The fact that they are financed from the revenue of taxation is not however a feature of Social Credit, but arises from the predicaments of the present financial system.

But of all the social measures, the family allowance is the only one of which the rates have not been adjusted to the increased cost of living. And this is an injustice done to families raising children.

The members of the Union of Electors all these years have conducted an active campaign of pressure upon the Government, demanding that the situation of the family allowances be corrected without further delay. Since the return to power of the Conservative Government, on March 31 last, the Union of Electors has distributed two million (2,000,000) printed letters to that effect throughout the country, asking people to sign the letter and address it to the Honorable Mr. Monteith, Minister of Social Welfare in Ottawa. A number of delegations have also met members of Parliament in various constituencies, to ask them to support the demand.

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