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“Dual Government"

on Monday, 01 August 1955. Posted in Social Credit

United States Senator from Indiana, the Hon., William E. Jenner, recently made an important address on "The Dual Government of the United States.".

In his opening remarks he said that, officially, US policy against communist aggression looks firm, but that in practice it is likely to follow the line of appeasement. He added:

"Why am I so certain that the wishes of the American President, the American Congress, and the American people, may be flouted?

"The reason is — briefly — that we have two lines of authority in foreign policy-making. One is the line of responsibility laid down in our Constitution. The other is a network whose members deliberately disregard our Constitution, our President and our Congress, and act as a law unto themselves...

"We have seen again and again in the last two decades, that the foreign policy put forward in our public statements, is not the foreign policy carried out by our government...

"The reason is that the American government is a two-headed monster. It is led by two different organizing centres. The never-settled question of which centre is to determine our foreign policies has kept us in constant turmoil, and made us look futile and ineffectual before the world.

"This conflict between the two heads of our government will not end until one or the other is wholly defeated, uprooted and destroyed.

"For years now our government has been pulled in two opposite directions in making its decisions."

Sen. Jenner then described how, following World War II, a secret faction within the government thwarted the official foreign policy of the US, which was to prevent communist aggression, and so manipulated it as to actually assist in the fall of China and the dismemberment of Korea, and other developments favourable to communism. After referring to the tragic "surrender" of Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union, the Senator observed:

"The secret policy of the faction so friendly to the Soviet Union has in almost every instance been triumphant... The conflict between freedom and slavery was not lost in Asia or Europe. It was lost in Washington...".

After explaining how this secret pro-Red cabal operates everywhere like a cancer — in government, in the White House, in the press and radio, in colleges and unions, in the UN and even in churches — Sen. Jenner told how this secret conspiracy succeeded in having the Red spy, Harry Dexter White, promoted even though J. Edgard Hoover had warned the President that he was a communist agent.

Sen. Jenner warned that it was this same secret conspiracy which scientifically planned and directed the unprecedented campaign to destroy Senator Joseph McCarthy.

It would seem that the job to be done is everywhere the same: to remove government policy from the influence and control of behind-the-scenes manipulators, and awaken the electorate to their duty to demand policies and results in accordance with THEIR will.

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