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Do You Like Taxation ?

on Sunday, 01 August 1954. Posted in Taxes

Taxation is merely a weapon used to keep you in subjection. If you like that sort of thing, then you can certainly be promised plenty of it.

On the other hand, if you don't like it, and realise the necessity for a fundamental change in the system, you must not be content to leave it at that. You must play your part in bringing that change about.

What can you do? First remember your objective: the re-casting of the policy of the money system, so that it serves man instead of mastering him. This can be accomplished by awakening the public mind to the terrible dangers of the existing system and setting it to insist on gaining from the financial system results satisfactory to you all.

You want men and women of determination, for whilst enthusiasm may start something, only determination will get that something.


But how awake the public mind, and set it to insist on obtaining a financial system of service?

A practical way is by showing this paper to friends, neighbours, fellow workers. Call their attention to such article or articles as may have impressed you and are likely to impress them also. Then, get them to subscribe — $2.00 for twelve issues - so that next time you may show your paper to some other prospects. And the new subscribers will be invited to do the same thing in their environment. Thus can a movement be created; thus can an enlightened and alert opinion be built. But if it stops at your door, it will go no further, and any contemplated change may remain far remote.

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