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Defalcator or Defective (Einstein communist leanings)

on Monday, 01 August 1955. Posted in Social Credit

We quote from Candour, Apr. 29,1955:

"...the consistency with which Einstein took the fellow-travelling line suggests more of design than folly. He must have known that a Communist's sole loyalty is to the Soviet Union and that there were scores of Communists in key positions in the United States. Yet he urged all scientists, if called upon to testify in loyalty investigations, to plead the Fifth Amendment. This instruction, had it been generally obeyed, would have proved a boon to Soviet agents and a cruel disservice to the American nation in its efforts to ensure that its affairs were in safe hands. America succoured Einstein when he felt impelled to leave Germany, where his pro-Communist leaning had been much in evidence. Was this the best means he could find of repaying Americans for their hospitable reception of him? I repeat, the man was politically either a moron or a moral defective. Either way, his political activities were an offence against decency."

Defalcator: def.: To misuse funds; to embezzle.

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