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Before Quebec's Parliament Buildings

on Thursday, 01 September 1955. Posted in Social Credit

The highlight of the Union of Electors' Annual Congress, held this year in Quebec City on September 2-3-4, was the demand before the Parliament Buildings that Social Credit principles be adopted in the Province of Quebec.

The above photo shows a section of the huge white-beretted gathering, estimated by reporters at 35,000, which met before the main entrance of the Parliament Buildings Sunday afternoon, September 4th.

The great crowd, made up primarily of Social Crediters, came from every section of Quebec Province, from New Brunswick and Ontario. It was addressed by several members of the Quebec Legislature (both government and opposition); by ministers representing the governments of Quebec and New Brunswick; and by Louis Even, editor of Vers Demain; Mme Gilberte Cote-Mercier, a director of the Institute of Political Action; and by J.-E. Gregoire, former mayor of Quebec City and long prominent in the Social Credit Movement.

Louis Even, speaking without text, delivered a dynamic message from the flag-bedecked platform erected in the main entrance to the Parliament Buildings, stressing these points:

The first parliament in the world, for us, is not the United Nations' Assembly at New York; nor is it the Federal Government at Ottawa. It is this Parliament of Quebec. Here are made the laws which should facilitate the well-being of our people.

Social Crediters unflaggingly denounce the dictatorship of Finance. The existence of this dictatorship cannot be denied. The very fact that things which are physically possible, and requested by the people and wanted also by the public bodies (municipal and others), are not done for lack of finance, shows that Finance stands as an obstacle between human wants and the existing possibility to satisfy them. Decisions are determined by those who control money and credit. This domination by finance may be legalized, but can never be justified or morally legitimated.

The Province of Quebec is one of the richest provinces of the second richest country in the world. It is unjustifiable, and contrary to natural order, that in a province of God given abundance there should be families or individuals left in deprivation of the necessities of life.

The time has come for the Legislature to take whatever action is necessary to make financially possible what is physically possible and desirable.

This can be done by the implementation of the Social Credit principles of finance.

The time has come, also, for the Legislature to take whatever action is necessary to guarantee to every citizen an income sufficient to at least procure the necessities of life.

The logic and the humanitarianism of Social Credit are manifest to all. What remains to be done by the Ministers and the Members of Parliament is to take the decision to act. Here, in Quebec, no constitution, no institution, can reasonably or legitimately be invoked to maintain the dictatorship of finance over the lives of our people.

This Parliament should immediately, at the next session, take steps to make the necessary change, and apply the Social Credit principles. Social Crediters will then be happy to remain in the background and let the Government take all the credit and glory for being the first government in the world to liberate its people from the shackles of Finance.

The Hon. Jacques Miquelon, of the Union Nationale Government, addressed the gathering. Mr. Miquelon in no way attacked Social Credit; but he did raise certain questions, which we deal with in our editorial on page 4.

J.-E. Gregoire, well known Quebec lawyer and former mayor of Quebec City and member of the Legislature, brought greetings to Social Crediters and thanked the Members of the Legislature for their participation.

Mr. Gregoire drew attention to la logique et l'humanisme of Social Credit; he recounted that he had endorsed its principles in 1938 and supported the Movement for 17 years; he pointed to the opportunity open to the Quebec Government to be the first to institute this Christian policy; and he inspired Social Crediters to press right on in their battle for freedom and abundance.

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