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"An Indifferent Fellow Competing With Rabbits”

on Wednesday, 01 June 1955. Posted in Social Credit

This article, reprinted from the May issue of THE CANADIAN INTELLIGENCE SER VICE,* illustrates the subversive and anti-Christian philosophy and policy which so readily finds expression in the United Nations and international agencies. This article should serve as a warning to well-meaning, but gullible, Christians who toy with the idea of surrendering sovereignty to some international organization, and sinking this free land into a world government.


Are you, in Mr. Brock Chisholm's book, "an indifferent fellow competing with rabbits” while ignoring your "responsibilities as a citizen of the world"?

Mr. Chisholm, director-general of the UN World Health Organization (former Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare in Ottawa), in an article in WEEKEND Magazine (Vol. 5, No. 10, 1955), published by the Toronto Telegram, says that:

  • A man who fathers six Canadian children, is "an indifferent fellow who has ignored his responsibilities as a citizen of the world. There is nothing admirable in competing with rabbits. This is not man's function...
  • lf everyone would become an advocate of birth control instead of envying the man with a family of six children, "if we voluntarily allowed our Canadian birth rate to fall and increased our population by immigration", this would have a "most reassuring effect on the peoples of everpopulated countries.
  • If we can "afford" to, it is permissible to have a large family. - "only have it the world citizen's way. Produce a few babies of your own and adopt the rest from other countries where they have them to spare."
  • Canada should start a large-scale adoption program of children from other countries" instead of having our own. "It would have a very good side effect, too, if the children had brown or yellow skins... As far as I am concerned, the sooner we're all interbred, the better."

Mr. Chisholm then laments that many UN delegations are reluctant to discuss birth control measures because of fear of the reaction of their peoples back home. But a "few courageous people" from 14 non-Communist countries, he said, "have organized an International Planned Parenthood Association to spread the gospel of birth control. In the U.S., a new foundation to deal with population problems is beginning to function with funds from the Rockefeller Foundation."

Now my dear Mr. Chisholm, I presume that, by your standards, I'm a borderline case. You see, we have 5 lovely children — and all of the same colour. If we had one more little child, then I'd be "an indifferent fellow", wouldn't I! But not so indifferent as to let your subversive line go longer unchallenged!

So it is permissible to have a substantial family if we can "afford" it, and so long as the children are not all our own! Can the Christian home, I ask, "afford" NOT to have children — even if they ARE all our own?

Your 'immigration adoption" program would actually constitute "genocide" against the white race. It would breed the white man into extinction within a century. This, you deem desirable. All I can say, sir, is that for my money you are a discredit to the race which brought forth the great Christian civilization and elevated us to a position where others could look for help and assistance.

Today the white man is a tiny minority in a world of colour. Now you ask that minority to stop reproducing and instead "adopt” the offspring of the coloured majority who are allowed, it would seem, to have their “six” without ignoring their responsibilities as world citizens.

You ask us, sir, to commit racial suicide. And if we object, then we are "indifferent fellows" ignoring our responsibilities! Who are you speaking for, Mr. Chisholm? Some of us are just 'reactionary' enough to believe that were we to follow your program, then we would be ignoring our responsibility — our responsibility to God and Country.

No one has a greater respect for, or more friends among, our yellow-skinned neighbours and “ethnic groups.” I respect their colour, their unique qualities, and their culture, as I'm sure they respect mine... And, incidentally, Mr. Chisholm, what right have we to tear away from their own mothers the children of Asia or Africa? Are you sure these mothers wish to export their babies?

UN and Big Foundations Typified by 'Chisholmism'

The majority report of the Reece (U S Congressional) Committee on Foundations disclosed that it was the Rockefeller Foundation which made possible the Kinsey studies on sex, in which conclusions were reached that homosexual molesters of children “may have contributed favourably to their (the children's) later socio-sexual development," and that pre-marital sex relations of women "provide an opportunity for the females to learn to adjust emotionally to various types of males”.

Julian Huxley, former chief of UNESCO, which is supported by Christians and is admittedly the greatest international attempt ever made to influence human thought and moral outlook, wrote:

"The advance of natural science... has brought us to a stage at which God is no longer a useful hypothesis. A faint trace of God... still broods over our world like a smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat. But the growth of... knowledge will rub even that from the universe. I do not believe in the existence of a god or gods."

Make no mistake: the Huxleys, the Kinseys, the Chisholms, the Keenleysides, and the Hisses this is the stuff of which the UN is made.

No wonder the Kremlin stays in the UN, helping to spend our tax-dollars to subvert our own civilization! One Chisholm, in our book, does more to undermine and subvert Christian society in one week than a Tim Buck does in a lifetime.

Ron Gostick

Published at Flesherton, Ontario, $2.00 a year.

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