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A Word from the Editor

on Monday, 01 August 1955. Posted in Social Credit

Dear Reader:

You get in this journal a new approach to the problems challenging us today — a new viewpoint.

We publish facts and information without fear or favour — information you cannot find in any other English-language publication in Canada.

Without education, without information and understanding, there can be no intelligent action. Social Credit education has advanced to the point in French-speaking sections of Eastern Canada, and in Quebec Province, that the emphasis is beginning to swing from education to ACTION — action to demand from their representatives and government reform and results in accordance with the will of the electors, consistent with the wealth and resources of the country. This is a most significant development.

In English-speaking sections of Quebec Province, and throughout Canada generally, there is still much educational work to be done before the emphasis swings to ACTION. And this education is YOUR responsibility.

This journal is a vital instrument for education, but its effectiveness depends on the number and quality of hands into which you place it.

Join us in this expanding battle for Social Credit by passing along your copy of SOCIAL CREDIT and sending in new subscriptions.

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