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A murderous and violent financial system

on Thursday, 01 March 2012. Posted in Social Credit

What is economic life? Economic life is an activity that consists in adapting material goods to human needs.

Man is made by his Creator but material goods are made by man. We must adapt material goods to the needs of man, not submit the needs of man to a fabricated restriction of material goods.

Man has temporal needs: he needs food, clothing, heat, shelter, etc. God put on earth all that man needs to satisfy his basic necessities. Not everything is in its finished state; but man received physical strength and a brain to intelligently cultivate, fabricate and transform many things.

Our world has more people in it than there were a thousand years ago and still the earth has enough resources at man's disposal that are varied and abundant.

Our ancestors feared famine, following harvests that had been ruined in certain regions. They did not have transportation like we have today.

Today there is an abundance of goods, and this will continue depending on if we take care of it.

What is remarkable is how abundance is produced with very little human labor in our time. Steam, electricity, gasoline and chemistry are all at the service of man. Man has bent the forces of nature into his service and multiplies the products while eliminating human labor; it is no longer necessary for him to have direct participation in production. Despite this, we continue to make laws that state that those who do not participate in production should not have a right to the fruits of production.

Progress augments goods while diminishing the number of producers and we try to say that only the producers should have a right to the products. Now that is an idiotic and barbaric economy.

It seems that since it is now possible to have this abundance with very little work involved, men may have abundance with more leisure time. But so far, we have not found a way to guarantee to each person the necessities of life.

We have abundance in production but scarcity in distribution. Why?

In the modern system, in order to obtain goods, merchandise or services, we must present a title to these goods. This title is money. If you do not have money, you cannot obtain anything. Money has become a license to live.

And how do we obtain money? To obtain money today, we must take part in production. This is the absurdity of the situation: progress eliminates production; it takes away your right to money and the right to the production that is in front of you. So, you are poor in the face of abundance.

If the world progresses so much in the technique of production, there should not be only one man in a hundred that produces abundance, this man would be the sole owner of money – through his salary – and all the other ninety-nine must die of hunger.

Is this a natural law?

Not at all, it is not a law, it is a convention established by man. It is a convention that that should and must change in order to adapt the economic field to the present historical climate.

This convention, established as a law by the masters of money and those who profit from the system, is going against progress. It is anti-human because it subjects man to money and maintains him in deprivation. It is the cause of immense physical and moral suffering.

But isn't it tyranny to maintain humanity in poverty in this way despite the earth's abundance, to keep them in discontent and suffering when the peace and joy of living should be the fruit of the mastery of man over the forces of nature? Certainly, it is tyrannical and tyranny is the work of tyrants. It is financial tyranny and the tyrants are those who keep control over finance.

How do they exercise this tyranny? – Through the control of the orientation and source of money.

Pope Pius XI, in the encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, denounces the masters of money and credit, of the "economic blood of nations," that renders all economic life "horribly difficult, implacable and cruel… without their permission, no-one dare breathe against their will."

It is an international tyranny that is exercised over all civilized countries – democratic or dictatorship. This tyranny centralizes its strength to protect itself from people who wish to destroy it.

What should we think about the people who are conducting this system?

The men who are conducting this system and those who defend it are capable of stealing with violence and murder on a level that was, until now, unknown to humanity. Whatever may be their qualities in their private lives or in the exercise of their public functions, they do the work of criminals of the worst kind.

How can we envision them? – While having a deathly hate for their system, we must work for their common good as well as our own and that of all humanity, in order to dislodge their position as quickly as possible.

Other articles of MICHAEL continue to show us where the fortress of evildoers is and to share the study of Social Credit to show us a true economy that gives a social guarantee to each member of society.

Louis Even

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