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Message of the Three Sacred Hearts

on Monday, 01 May 2017. Posted in Apparitions, Saint Joseph


From May 1994 through May 1998, two cities in the Amazon, Manaus and Itapiranga, have been chosen as the places of many apparitions by Jesus, Our Lady and Saint Joseph. These extraordinary events have taken place in the lives of Edson Glauber and his mother, Maria do Carmo.

Among numerous messages that urge more prayers for personal conversion, for sinners and that violence in the world would end and peace would reign, Jesus and Our Lady asks the Church an increase of devotion to Saint Joseph and to his Most Chaste Heart.

Apparitions of St. Joseph along with Jesus and Mary from 1994-1998 were approved by Bishop Carillo Gritti of the Prelature of Itacoatiara, Amazon, Brazil on May 31, 2009.


The beginning of the events

Edson GlauberThe apparitions of Our Lady began on May 2, 1994, in the city of Manaus (Manaus means “Mother of God). Maria do Carmo was the first to see Our Lady. This took place in her living room at four o’clock in the morning, while she was praying. After she had finished reciting the Holy Rosary, she was surprised suddenly by a very bright light that lit up the entire room. In this light a very beautiful young woman appeared all dressed in white, her gown flowing down to her feet, and a veil covering her head down to her side. The young woman was holding a Rosary with blue beads, and showing it to Maria do Carmo saying: “Pray, pray!

In this first apparition, a very moving event took place: Our Lady showed Maria do Carmo her son Quirino who had died accidentally on September 1, 1989, while he was playing. She let her know that Quirino was with God and with Her in Heaven, and that he was well. She invited her to pray much so that she would be able to see him again one day in the glory of the Lord.

Indeed, Maria do Carmo and the whole family had suffered greatly from the premature death of their child.

On the previous Saturday, April 30th, Maria’s son, Edson, was praying with his brothers and his friends in front of the altar of Our Lady in that same room. During prayer, he heard a very beautiful voice that told him: “Pray with the heart. Pray the Rosary every day. I am about to come: wait!”

From that moment on, Our Lady and Saint Joseph have appeared to both of them, giving messages, and inviting all humanity to prayer, to conversion and to a change of life.

The places of the apparitions

Maria do CarmoInitially, the apparitions were taking place in the living room of their home, when the family were gathered to pray the rosary. Our Lady always appeared during prayer to give her messages. As the days went by, she asked them to pray for the city of Itapiranga (Itapiranga in the local language means “red rock”), where the husband of Maria do Carmo had been born, where his parents were born and where his brothers now lived. Edson’s father owned a large property there and had plans for some projects, and to one day build a house.

The Virgin told Edson that that property belonged to her. Edson’s father did not want to believe it. He was very stubborn in the beginning. He had a drinking problem and would not pray. When he was drunk, he would become violent. Edson told him that he could not fight God, and that every project that he would try to start would end up in failure.

People also began coming to his father to give testimonies and to thank him for the conversion of their family members, and for healings. It was then that he began to see the importance of this heavenly mission. He began to change, and he stopped drinking. Edson tells us, ““Today my father is another man. But it was only after many prayers on our knees in front of Jesus, and many Holy Masses, that my father was converted. He is now a man of prayer. He has consecrated himself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and he participates in the life of the parish.”

Bishop Carlo Gritti, IMCBishop Carlo Gritti, IMC, of Itacoatiara (2000 - 2016), saying Mass at the shrine Queen of the Rosary and of Peace in Itapiranga. The Bishop approved the supernatural character of the apparitions in a statement issued on May 31, 2009.

Edson had never before seen his father with a Rosary in his hands to pray. Now when he gets up early in the morning, he finds his father in the living room praying. Edson thanked Jesus, telling Him that the conversion of his father was the greatest gift that had been granted him, for it had restored peace in the life of his family.

The Virgin told Edison: “If there is a stubborn person in your family, do not lose hope. Pray for that person.” And Edison tells us, “The way that my father has changed, those people in your families will change too. They will become new people. Do not lose hope. Pray your Rosary, offer your Rosary, offer your Communions and Holy Masses for their conversion. But know that it will never be in your own time. It takes time, and it will be difficult, but they will convert. You have to desire it in God’s time, as God wills it.”

In June 1994, the Virgin asked Edson and his mother to go to Itapiranga and to invite the people there to pray, to convert, and she wanted them to speak to the people about her messages. At the beginning it was difficult because many where incredulous, with hardened hearts. But Our Lady helped them to be patient and to face the adversity with resignation and peace, offering everything for the conversion and the salvation of the world. In that city, on the land that belonged to Edson’s father, the Virgin asked that a small chapel be built in her honor. It was to be initially built out of straw, to signify and to remember the simplicity, the poverty and the suffering of all her children, her ‘seringueiros’ of the Amazons, who in the past had been mistreated, exploited and killed by the more powerful of the land. With this chapel, Our Lady wanted to show to those who aspire to power, to sophisticated armies, to wealth, to the illusions of a worldly life and to the lures of material things that the Reign of God is for those who are thought as nothing in this world; the poor, the simple, the pure of heart. This is the way Jesus teaches us in the Beatitudes.

The original chapel at Itapiranga

How the apparitions have taken place

The Queen of the Rosary and of Peace Image drawn by Edson Glauber during a vision

The apparitions of Our Lady always happen after the Rosary, either during the recitation of the seven Apostles Creed for atheists and unbelievers, or during the five Hail Holy Queens to open hardened hearts. (Our Lady herself asked the seers to recite these prayers with everyone after the Rosary.) First there is the appearance of a beautiful bright oval light. This light increases as it gets closer, like an explosion of light. Our Lady then appears standing on a cloud, wearing a long white dress and a white mantle which covers her dark wavy hair. Her face is delicate, she has blue eyes. Around her head is a crown of twelve golden shining stars that form a harmonious circle. She is no taller than five feet, three inches and appears to be about fifteen or sixteen years old. She is often accompanied by her son Jesus Christ, Saint Joseph, and the Angels and Saints.

The most important apparitions have taken place in Itapiranga, from 1994 to 1998. During this time Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph have given messages regarding the Church, the families and all humanity. Almost always the messages are written during the apparitions. Our Lady would speak to Edson, or to Maria do Carmo, and they would write down what she would say in a notebook. Many times the Virgin would ask the seers to repeat her message aloud to the people present. Other times she would ask Edson to draw during the apparitions, describing to the people what he saw. The Virgin would explain to him that they were important messages and to spread them to the people, to the Church and to the world.

At other times Our Lady or Jesus would want Edson to walk or move on his knees through the place of apparitions to do penance for sinners. She would tell him to offer all for the realization of her plans at Itapiranga, and for the eternal salvation of many souls who were on the road to perdition.

In 1994 Our Lady said: “I desire to be known as the Queen of the Rosary and of Peace, because I want to show you all that with the recitation of the Rosary the world will find peace This is the reason why I have come here to the Amazons, as Queen of the Rosary and of Peace, peace, peace! Pray for peace!” (5/13/94.)

The Sacrament of Holy MatrimonyAt the beginning of the events, the apparitions of Saint Joseph were rare. Sometimes he would appear beside the Virgin and Jesus without saying a word. In 1995, Our Lady began to talk to Edson about Saint Joseph and advised him to wait with great anticipation for his visits. Our Lady told him that Saint Joseph would come to give important messages for the Church and for all the families of the entire world. These apparitions of Saint Joseph became more frequent in March of 1998. During this time, Edson was bedridden with hepatitis. Saint Joseph revealed to Edson the promises and the devotion of his Most Chaste Heart that God wanted to see flourish in the Church and in the world. Saint Joseph explained that this devotion would be a great means of sanctification for the Church and for all those who would honor worthily his Most Chaste Heart. This devotion would honor the most Holy Trinity. (See MICHAEL Journal, Oct/Nov/Dec 2016.)

On May 7th and 8th, 1994, the Virgin appeared to Maria do Carmo, holding in her hands a baby covered in blood, to show the seriousness of abortion: “Abortion is a grave sin! Whoever practices the sin of abortion must confess it to a Priest, to cry and to fall on her knees, repentant, and to never stop praying. Only in this way can she save herself!”

She then showed Maria do Carmo many men dressed in black, burning in the fire of Hell, “See, here the Masons, because Masonry is a sect of the devil. If anyone dies as a Mason, he goes straight to hell! This is for all those who, though knowing the truth, have chosen deception; who knowing where God is, they have sought out the devil, who knowing where the light is, they have chosen darkness.”

On May 11th, 1994, Jesus spoke to Maria do Carmo on the gravity of adultery and cohabitation. These sins are committed today by so many people, destroying the true sense of the family, its value and its foundation. Such sins will not be ignored by God because they deserve just punishment: “Maria do Carmo! Do not sleep! Get up, write. Do not waste time. Adultery is a grave sin, but there is forgiveness with a good confession and with absolute repentance! Teach it. You know how to make a good confession. One cannot be afraid and not be ashamed to tell the Priest. If he forgives, I also forgive. If he does not forgive, I also do not forgive!”

Jesus then affirms the Church’s teaching on marriage: “Those who are married, but separated, if they still love each other must, with forgiveness and sincerity, look to be reunited! Those persons who are married, but separated and living with someone else, must separate or live as friends [in continence] in the same home. The two cannot live anymore as husband and wife; they cannot commit adultery!”

The Messages of Preparation

Edson Glauber during an apparitionThe first messages given by Our Lady at Itapiranga were guidelines addressed in a particular way to the people of Itapiranga and to all those who had participated from the beginning. On September 4, 1994, Our Lady said:

“I am the Queen of Peace! Pray for the youth, because they are in great need of your prayers to enlighten them in their life. Also, now, in this small city, simple and humble, people have attached themselves to material things, mainly to money. Pray a lot. I need your prayers to realize all my plans. Pray the Rosary! Satan is bringing many of the souls of my children into darkness. For this reason you have to pray a lot to save them. My children still have not understood how I want the festivities in my honor to be accomplished with prayer and in silence.”

The second message of preparation was given on September 5, 1994. Our Lady: “I am the Queen of Peace! I spread graces to all my children so that their hearts will be more open to all that I will manifest in this city. I bless you and I hold you all in my heart. Pray, pray a lot.”

The third message was given on September 8, 1994, when the procession of Our Lady of Nazareth, patron of the city of Itapiranga was taking place. Jesus blessed the people, and Our Lady was very happy. Light was coming from her hands, spreading over all the faithful who had come to give honor to her and to her Son Jesus. The Virgin said: “I love these children of mine who are in such need of me. The graces that I spread represent my love and affection for them. On this day, I free many souls from Purgatory: a grace granted by my son Jesus Christ for the honor they give me.” While the procession was passing by a protestant church, the Virgin said: “They do not love me, but for this reason I love these children of mine very much and I bless them. Next year in this city will take place the procession in my honor, in honor of the Queen of Peace to which many of mine will participate. This year many have come to honor me, but next year many more will come. I am spreading graces on my son (Edson) so that he can attend to my requests and give confirmation to all that I am realizing here in Itapiranga. I am touching his heart.”

The fourth message was on September 9, 1994, Our Lady said to the seers: “Pray so that all happens according to my plans. I need your prayers and your participation. Pray the Rosary! Do not stop praying, have trust in me! Do not worry! Hand over all your worries to God. This work is mine and not yours. Pray so that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you!”

The fifth message of the Virgin given on September 10, 1994: “My children, help me with your prayers so that all will be fulfilled as I have planned. Pray the Rosary. Pray, pray! Have trust in me. I am with you helping you. Have faith!”

The Mother of God teaches Her children

Pilgrimage procession at ItapirangaIn many of the apparitions Our Lady has used maternal means to call the attention of her children, showing them all her Motherly tenderness, so that they would understand that she, being the mother of all humanity, is always close to her sons and daughters who are in need of her blessings and her maternal caresses. The Virgin has used different means to touch the hearts of her children, converting them back to God.

Our Lady told her children to have respect for holy things: images, rosaries, the Holy Bible, medals, etc. By asking the people to raise up these sacred objects, so that she could bless them and kiss them, she was showing them the value of these sacramentals. She also affirmed the importance of having their homes, images, rosaries, bibles, etc., blessed by Priests, as the ministers of the Church.

During some apparitions Our Lady would ask Edson to hold up a Crucifix so that some of the people could kiss it. With this gesture of love and affection she would invite her children to think of Jesus, remembering his passion and death on the Cross to save us from sin and to be always united with him in love.

After leading Edson to a person pointed out by her, she would kiss the crucifix, then she would ask Edson to present the crucifix to that person to also kiss it.

During the apparitions in Manaus and in Itapiranga, Our Lady often lead Edson through the crowd to a person she was blessing, instructing him to give them a blessed rose kissed by her. The Virgin also gave special messages, asking Edson to communicate them either right away, during the apparition, or after the apparition, whispering the message into the ear of the person named by Our Lady.

The drawings done during the apparitions are considered as special messages that the Mother of God would give to the Church and to the world. Edson draws with faith the visions that the Virgin shows him. These drawings portray scenes from the life of Jesus, of Our Lady and of Saint Joseph. Others portray difficult events regarding the Church, the Amazons, Brazil and the destiny of the world. They are prophesies, some of which have already come true, and others that will be realized soon.

At times the Virgin has led Edson to different places for her apparitions. She would invite him to go to difficult places, on roads, strenuous to walk on, in order to do penance for sinners and for the world. During these walks, it would happen that she would stop in certain places and Edson would fall abruptly on his knees, as a sign of respect for her maternal presence. The people would be surprised and shaken by the violence and force of his fall, even on jagged rocks, even though Edson was never injured. These walks have been a way of penance for many of the faithful because they have to walk quickly to follow as the Virgin guides Edson, and even run in order to keep up. Some stumble, others fall, or give up altogether. But in all of this, Our Lady is touching even the most hardened and unbelieving hearts.

A Cross at Itapiranga

The secrets, the great sign and the prophesies

At Itapiranga, the Mother of Jesus revealed secrets to Edson that pertain to the destiny of the Church and to the world; very serious future events which are about to involve all of humanity if it does not convert. Currently there are nine secrets: four pertaining to Brazil, two to the world, two to the Church, and one to those who continue to live a life of sin and impiety, disobeying God. This last secret is the most painful and terrible.

Maria do Carmo has received various teachings from Jesus and Our Lady for families.

The Virgin has shown to Edson and to his mother, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell; a reality that has been forgotten in our day, and to which many no longer believe.

The Virgin at Itapiranga in the Amazons has started a battle against the devil for the salvation of all her children. On October 4, 1996, appearing on the Mount of the Cross, beside the small Chapel, the Virgin told Edson: “Beloved son, this afternoon I wish to tell you and all my children the importance of living the messages. For those who do not believe, I wish to tell them that one day, where this cross is, I will give a visible sign, and all will believe in my maternal presence here at Itapiranga. But it will be too late then for those who have not already converted; the conversion has to be now! In all the places where I have appeared, and continue to appear, I always confirm my apparitions so that there will be no doubts. Here in Itapiranga my heavenly manifestations will be confirmed.

This will happen when my apparitions here at Itapiranga will come to an end. All will see the sign given in this cross. They will regret not having listened to me, for having laughed at my messages and at my messengers, but it will be too late because they will have wasted my graces: they will have lost the occasion to be saved. Pray, pray, pray!”

On another occasion, Our Lady said to Edson: “When the moment arrives for the sign left on the cross, the time for the conversion of the world will end. All of humanity will suffer great calamities and will be devistated by punishments as has never happened from the creation of the world. Let us open our hearts to God and make a sincere commitment to convert, and He will have mercy on us.”

Some of the prophecies revealed by Our Lady have already taken place, such as the Tsunami in Asia that killed hundreds of thousands of people. Our Lady had revealed this event in 1997 and again in 1998, when by her request Edson had drawn the vision of the great wave that would devastate many cities and take the lives of so many people. Another prophesy, which more recently proved true, was that of the earthquake that killed more than 290 people in Italy and left thousands of families homeless and in dire need. Edson had drawn this at the Virgin’s request while in the city of Modena, Italy, in front of many people. Our Lady said to Edson: “This is only the beginning of the pain. What will come to the world is something so terrible that many will not be prepared, because they do not believe and continue to live a life of sin, far from God.”

During the apparitions the faithful present have received many signs: in the sun, the moon, with the fragrance of roses, from thousands of conversions, and the healings of those who drank the water from the spring blessed by the Virgin. These signs have not been given only to increase the curiosity of the people, but to show instead the seriousness of these messages. With every sign, Our Lady wants to lead us back to God and to His love. Itapiranga, blessed by Our Lady, can be considered a little piece of Heaven on Earth.

“Repeat three times, Mercy Jesus, Mercy for all sinners, Mercy for all humanity!”
— Our Lady to Edson

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