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Trust in God, not in gold!

on Tuesday, 01 March 2016. Posted in Pope Francis

On September 20, 2015, during his apostolic journey to Cuba, Pope Francis had this to say to the priests, men and women religious and seminarians gathered in the Cathedral of Havana:

A wise old priest once told me about what happens when the spirit of wealth, of wealthy worldliness enters the heart of a consecrated man or woman, a priest or bishop, or even a pope – anyone. He said that when we start to save up money to ensure our future — isn’t this true? — then our future is not in Jesus, but in a kind of spiritual insurance company which we manage. When, for example, a religious congregation begins to gather money and save, God is so good that he sends them a terrible bursar who brings them to bankruptcy. Such terrible bursars are some of the greatest blessings God grants His Church, because they make her free, they make her poor. Our Holy Mother the Church is poor; God wants her poor as He wanted our Holy Mother Mary to be poor.

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