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There is no hiding from society

on Saturday, 01 January 2000. Posted in Church teachings

Here are excerpts from an article published in the Nov. 29., 1999 issue of the Toronto Catholic Register:

Catholic families who are tempted to withdraw from an alien culture should remember that they are called to help evangelize the world, not retreat from it, said Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput.

Chaput told the archdiocese of Vancouver's 1999 family conference that just as families don't spend their whole life in the sanctuary of the church, they can't spend their whole life in the sanctuary of the family; reported the B.C. Catholic.

Chaput told the audience that "no Catholic family can afford to be a sanctuary, in the sense of digging its own little foxhole. God does not call us to burrow in and wait for the Rapture. Our God is a God of life, a God of abundance, a God of deliverance, and a God of joy, and we're His missionaries, by nature and by mandate."

When Christ told His followers to make disciples of all nations, He did not say "unless you're married." The Epistle of James tells us that faith without works is a dead faith. It doesn't say "unless you have children."

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