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The power of the Rosary

on Thursday, 01 March 2001. Posted in Miracles, Prayers & Rosaries

In all the devotions of the Church, there is no more powerful prayer than the Rosary. In Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, Our Lady pleaded and insisted that people say the daily Rosary, to stop the war and the spread of Communism. Sister Lucia, the only one of the three seers of Fatima who is still alive, said that there is no problem, either material or moral, national or international, that cannot be solved effectively by the Rosary and our sacrifices. So, let us not hesitate to pray the Rosary. It is the most efficient weapon!

In 1571, the Moslem Turks were overrunning all of Europe, and seemed on the verge of wiping out Christianity. When all seemed lost, Pope St. Pius V organized a Rosary Crusade. He asked Catholics everywhere to pray the Rosary to ask Our Lady to deliver them from imminent disaster. When the day of the great naval battle arrived, Christian soldiers literally went into battle with swords in one hand and Rosaries in the other.

For three hours, the 65,000 men, all of whom had received Holy Communion that morning, continued to recite the Rosary. Then the attack began. The wind, which had been against the Christians, suddenly dropped. When it was all over, the Moslems had been defeated. Of some 270 Moslem ships, at least 200 were destroyed. The Turks also lost 30,000 men, while Christian casualties numbered between 4,000 and 5,000. Thus on October 7th, the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, one of the greatest military upsets in all history took place at Lepanto, in the Mediterranean Sea. The little Christian fleet, very greatly outnumbered, defeated the mighty Turkish Armada, and Christianity was saved, all through the power of the Rosary.

There are many other examples of the power of the Rosary. On August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, killing everyone (200,000 people) in a radius of 1.5 km from the centre, except a small community of eight Jesuit Fathers, only eight blocks away from ground zero, who not only survived, but lived well past that day, with no radiation sickness nor long-term defects. The rectory of the Assumption of Our Lady Church in Hiroshima was left standing, but the church next door to the rectory was completely demolished by the atomic blast, as well as everything around. 200 scientists carried out investigations for several years in search of a scientific explanation, because the eight priests "ought to be dead," being within a one-mile radius of the explosion. The priests told them there was only one thing that made their house different from the others: they recited the Rosary every day.

Another more recent example of the amazing power of the Rosary: the Russian armies withdrew out of Austria in 1955, without one person being killed and without one shot being fired. It is the only time that the militant atheistic forces of Marxism have ever peacefully left a country in which they held power. This victory for the Catholic people of Austria is due to Our Lady and Her Rosary, because at that time, ten percent of the people of Austria were praying the Rosary every day. The Rosary is more powerful than guns and bombs.

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