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The laws of God against sodomy

on Wednesday, 01 January 2003. Posted in Modesty & Chastity

Man reduced to the worst kind of slavery

An infernal wave of immorality has swept mankind. Even in a majority of Christian nations, civil governments are legalizing all vices, even homosexuality. We can see in this downfall of civil authorities what had been foretold by Our Lady to the seer Melanie Calvat in La Salette, France, in 1846:

"Civil governments will have a common purpose, which is to bring about the total destruction of all religious principles, and to replace them with materialism, atheism, spiritualism, and all sorts of evils."

Here are large excerpts from an article of the late Father Georges Panneton written in 1970, against sodomy Thomosexuality). Things have only worsened since that time:

by Father Georges Panneton

The books of Andre Gide, who was so very proud of his shameful vice of sodomy, are being propagated. In Holland and the United States, homosexuals have celebrated their pseudo-marriages. They even had the impudence to ask the Bishops to prepare them a ritual for a marriage of two homosexuals: diabolical irony...

This is the victory of the demons of impurity, who want to corrupt the Christian people and fill up hell with shameless slaves. In fact, St. Alphonsus of Liguori, a Doctor of the Church and a pastor with experience, states that it is the sin of impurity that throws more souls into hell...

An odious diploma

Recently, in a daily paper, a correspondent presented a plea for the rehabilitation, in our Christian society, of the homosexual who is "a human being just like any other..." We want to have pity and charity towards the licentious homosexuals, but not to the point of mixing them up with honest people...

This correspondent declared that we are all homosexuals "to a certain extent". We are refusing this odious diploma: then, it is we who are becoming victims of the discrimination of which he wants to deliver the homosexuals.

So, according to this journalist, it was proven (?) that each individual is, to a certain extent, "homosexual."

To this, we say: This is an unacceptable paradox, with the stench of paganism from Freud. This correspondent mixes up friendship with the vice of impurity. Why mix up things thus? As if all friendship mixes up with homosexuality? One must distinguish between pure friendship, sensitive love, sensual passion, and impure vice. We know of many friendships in which there is no degree of sensuality or homosexuality.

This journalists adds: "Nowhere in the Bible or the Church's tradition is the state of homosexuality condemned: these individuals will be reproved only if they act out their desires.".

There again is an assertion that does not sound right. In the Gospel, Our Lord condemns not only impure acts, but even also evil desires (Matt., 15, 19 and 5, 28). And what does one mean by the state of homosexuality? Is one speaking of desire, tendency, or neurosis? In everyday life, it's a fact that the homosexual puts desires into action: "quos trahit sua voluptas" the Romans said. Often a licentious man has a tendency towards corrupting teenagers, forgetting the terrible threats of Christ aimed at the corruptors of children (Matt., 18,6).

An abomination

One must distinguish between:

A. The mentally sick: one sends this homosexual to a clinic. It's a matter for psychiatric medicine.

B. The licentious homosexual: one sends him to a priest with experience. A vice very hard to cure, but it is possible through the Sacraments, prayer, the grace of God, the shunning of the occasions of sin.

C. The scandalous, sadistic criminal: he must be delivered to the police and confined, so as to protect society, especially the children. We can recall the wretched man that was close to Quebec City, who would deceive and lead young boys so as to rape them, and when they refused, he would strangle and bury them.

Who are responsible in conscience? Only God knows. But we must always condemn the crime, denounce the scandalous, protect the youth, and show them the horror of homosexuality. Because it is thus that the demon of impurity reduces mankind to the worst slavery, and surely leads him towards hell.

Let's open our Bible. In the Book of Leviticus (18:24 and 20:13), we can see that homosexuality is stigmatized as an abomination, and that those guilty of it can be put to death. "The people who have thus been sullied, sayeth the Lord, I shall chastise them, and the country shall vomit its inhabitants.". This is what really happened to the homosexuals of Sodom.

In the Book of Genesis, (Chapter 19), read the terrible story of Sodom, The inhabitants enjoying this wealthy city, surrounded with gardens, were homosexuals (the name Sodom refers to the crime of homosexuality). These homosexuals wanted to take advantage of the two men (angels in disguise) who were visiting Lot, Abraham's nephew. Lot refused to deliver his guests to the licentious Sodomites. Both angels advised Lot to flee with his family, because God was sending them to chastise the guilty cities.

In fact, the next day, fire from Heaven came down onto Sodom and the neighbouring cities, in punishment for their carnal crimes of homosexuality. Since then, this plain is buried under the Dead Sea, a desolate region where no living being can be found.

In the Book of Genesis (Chapter 37), one can read the story of Joseph who was sold by his brothers who were thus avenging themselves because Joseph had accused them, to his father Jacob, of a very grievous sin (crimine Pessimo). St. Thomas of Aquinas agrees that the sin in question was that of a sin against nature, of homosexuality or bestiality (2a, 2a,e,q. 154, a. 12, ad 4).

St. Augustine says that of all of the sins of lust, the one that is more evil and the worst, it is the one that is committed against nature, being an insult to the Creator Himself.

In two places, Saint Paul the Apostle severely condemns homosexuality or sodomy. We can read in his Epistle to the Romans: "Because they offered their homage to the creature rather than to the Creator, God has delivered them (the pagans) to degrading passions. Their wives have changed natural relations into relations against nature. Likewise men, having left natural relations with the women, have burned with passions for one another, men doing infamous things with other men, and receiving in themselves the salary that their aberrations deserved" (Rom. 1:26-27).

To the Corinthians, Saint Paul wrote: "Neither the shameless, nor the idolaters, nor the adulterers, nor the effeminate, nor those who give themselves to sodomy shall inherit the Kingdom of God" (1 Cor., 6,10). And he finishes off his exhortation to the Corinthians: "Avoid shamelessness! All other sin that man may come to commit is outside of his body, but the shameless sins towards his own body. Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who resides in you (since Baptism)? Glorify God in your body (by remaining pure)" (Cor. 6:18).


We must all fight against homosexuality (sodomy), drive away this sad scourge which is beginning to corrupt our society, by inspiring our youth to its horror. Finally, let us make others love the beautiful virtues of chastity and purity, and modesty in clothing, which is its safeguard, for Our Lord Jesus said: "Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God" (Matt.; 5,8).

Father Georges Panneton


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