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The indulgence of the Jubilee

on Wednesday, 01 March 2000. Posted in Prayers & Rosaries, Sacraments

Our Bishop, the Most Rev. François Lapierre, of St. Hyacinthe, Que., gave us the privilege of being able to gain the indulgence of the Jubilee every day of our "Siege of Jericho". Come to benefit from it!

Petitions of our "Siege of Jericho"

1. In honor of the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: may the great Jubilee be for all a time of grace, conversion, and return to God.

2. That Christ and His Mother, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, may reign over every heart, over every family, and every government.

3. That the Pope, the vicar of Jesus Christ and the head of the Church of Jesus Christ, be listened to and followed by clergy and law-makers of all countries.

4. For the Church and the Bishops, especially our Bishop of St. Hyacinthe, the Most Rev. François Lapierre; for all the priests, and especially our parish priest of Rougemont, Father Jacques Chaput; for all the religious communities, especially Father Montpetit and the other Oblate Fathers of Rougemont who come to celebrate Holy Mass at our headquarters. For Brother Denis Larocque, 0.M.I., who is seriously ill.

5. That in the spirit of the Great Jubilee, and according to the wish of Pope John Paul II, the debts of all nations be cancelled, that the right to create money at interest be removed from private banks, and that the right to create money, interest free, be given back to the sovereign authority of each nation, in accordance with the Social Credit principles.

6. That thousands of Pilgrims of Saint Michael rise up in all the countries, so that the teachings of the "Michael" Journal will bring forth fruits as soon as possible in economics, politics, and in all domains.

7. That the Pilgrims of Saint Michael remain on the way of sanctification, like their great founder, Louis Even, who set the example by fully living his consecration as a slave of Jesus through Mary.

8. That the Pilgrims of Saint Michael form, in their country, an elite that will be a model of Faith, good morals, apostolate, an elite that will go to others' help, that will encourage in every possible way good families, good schools, the true Faith and religious life, as well as the freedom to promote the principles of truth, justice, charity; and the good life taught by Jesus Christ and His Church.

9. That all the countries in the world be rid of Communist propaganda, of Communist laws, of Communist governments, and Communist dictatorships.

10. That all the odious taxes disappear, since they are all robberies because of today's progress and potential plenty.

11. That the children who are martyred by "Youth Protection" and the "Children's Aid Society" be freed for good, and that "Youth Protection" and the "Children's Aid Society" disappear forever, so that parents will be rid of this kind of spying, and resume their parental authority.

12. For the intentions of all the Pilgrims of Saint Michael and of all the subscribers to the "Michael" and "Vers Demain" Journals throughout the world.

13. For the unity of Canada, and that it may remain peaceful. For the United States of America, that its government and people will recognize Christ as their King, and that social justice will prevail in this great nation.

14. For France, so that it will again find its vocation of being the "elder daughter of the Church".

15. For the economic, political, and social recovery of Poland, Hungary, Ireland, and of every country.

16. For all the African and Asian countries, so that they will chase the Financiers out, and that each nation will create its own money and distribute dividends to its citizens so they can buy the goods they need.

17. To be protected from wars and all the catastrophes caused by the sins of the world.

18. For truly Catholic schools, so that our children will be taught the truths of our Faith, and become good Christians and good citizens.

19. For the conversion of public figures - ministers, elected representatives, teachers, etc., so that social justice will be applied for the happiness of every family and nation.

20. For purity to be practiced in our families, so that they will be saved from the calamities of divorce, abortion, cohabitation, suicides, murders, etc.

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