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The Holy Ghost

on Tuesday, 01 May 2001. Posted in Roman Catholic Church

The Holy Ghost, the uncreated Immaculate Conception, Mary, the temporal Immaculate Conception

These are the words of Saint Maimilian Kolbe, the great Polish martyr who founded the Militia of the Immaculate. The following paragraphs are his exact words, taken from Father J.F. Villepelé's book, "The Immaculate reveals the Holy Spirit":

Who is the Holy Ghost? He is the fruit of the love of the Father and the Son. The fruit of created love is a created conception. But the prototype of this created love is necessarily itself "conception". Thus, the Holy Ghost is "uncreated eternal conception", the prototype of all conceived life in the universe.

The Father engenders, the Son is engendered, the Holy Ghost is proceeding Conception, and it is this that is their personal life, by which they are distinct from each other. But They are united by the same nature, divine existence.

The Holy Ghost is therefore this "very holy Conception, infinitely holy, immaculate."

The Holy Ghost is the eternal Immaculate Conception.

And Mary of Nazareth is united to the Holy Ghost in an unutterable way as His spouse, but in a sense incomparably more perfect than this word can express in creation. This union is above all, all interior, the union of Her essence with the essence of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost dwells in Her, lives in Her, and this from the first instant of Her existence, since always and for ever.

Mary is the temporal Immaculate Conception. By honoring the Immaculate, we adore in a particular way the Holy Ghost. The Immaculate is perfect; She is united to the Holy Ghost to such a degree that She is called His spouse... That is why we love and honor the Immaculate Conception. Perfectly holy, it is through Her that the Holy Ghost acts.

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