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The grand objective of Social Credit

on Saturday, 01 April 2006. Posted in Social Doctrine

 On one occasion, someone asked Major Douglas what he was aiming at with his Social Credit proposals. Here is the notable reply made by this great man:

"I will tell you in a broad way what we are aiming at. We are striving to bring to birth a new civilization, something which extends far beyond the bounds of a change in the financial system. We are hoping, by various means, chiefly financial, to enable the human community to step out of one type of civilization into another, and the first requirement, as we see it, is that of absolute economic security."

This then is the great objective of Social Credit, and as such it is an economic gospel, full of promise for the future of the world, and should, we think, command the interest and allegiance of every right-thinking person.

Should you ask, "What especially does Social Credit stand for?", I will mention but a few items here:

In the first place, Social Credit stands for the sovereignty of the individual. He is supreme. The State exists for him, and not he for the State. He is not to be subordinated to the will of the dictator, nor to the whim of the autocrat.

Secondly, Social Credit demands that there shall be that measure of economic security provided for everyone compatible with the resources of the nation.

Thirdly, such leisure for personal culture and development shall be available as this age of mechanisation and automation may provide.

Fourthly, there will be an immediate reduction of the public debt, and an immediate lightening of the present burden of taxation.

Fifthly, the elimination of war through the removal of its cause. Wars do not spring from racial hatreds; they are economic in origin.

And finally, steps taken to restore to the people the ownership and use of their own credit, the right to which has been filched from them by a financial hierarchy for the enrichment and empowerment of itself.

Well, there it is, and the full story has not been told by any means.

From an editorial in The New Zealand Social Crediter

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