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"Social Credit is the application of the Social Doctrine of the Church” Says Bishop Edward Frankowski, of Poland

on Wednesday, 01 August 2001. Posted in Social Doctrine

Mr. Janusz Lewicki, of Wroclaw, Poland, is, along with our Polish-born full-time Pilgrim Jacek Morawa, in charge of the Polish edition of "Michael". Mr. Lewicki will be present at our annual Congress in Rougemont on September 1-3. Mr. Morawa went to Poland to join Mr. Lewicki for a two-month tour of apostolate last June and July. Mr. Morawa gave us a fantastic report of his apostolate at our July 22 meeting. He will speak to us about it again at the Congress.

"Social Credit is still new for the Poles," Mr. Morawa tells us. "But more and more understand. At our meetings, we have met influential people to make our journal known to them. We see echoes of this in political discussions. Bishops use expressions from our Polish "Michael" Journal. Journalists themselves speak of subjects that they had never talked about before, questions concerning High Finance. Those who call 'Radio Maria" on its open-line programs are different from the others. They ask questions. They are more up to date on the One-World Government, International Finance. It is because they have read about it in the Polish Journal."

The authorities of "Radio Maria" approve of the Work of "Michael". They understand the importance of our battle against High Finance and the One-World Government. The Polish "Michael" Journal is the only journal that is distributed with permission at meetings organized by "Radio Maria". One man called the "Radio Maria" station. He asked, "Why were there people distributing 'Michael' Journals that spread a false philosophy at the 'Radio Maria' meetings?" The director of "Radio Maria" answered, "We know the Pilgrims of Saint Michael well. They are honest. We have verified their articles in the 'Michael' Journal and in the leaflets. Everything is very good. We have confidence in them. What they write about should be applied in Poland."

"In Poland," says Jacek Morawa, "we take advantage of every opportunity to organize meetings, distribute leaflets and journals. We had many meetings in families and in parishes, meetings organized by priests. The people love our journal because we offer them a solution. We do not content ourselves with exposing the plans of the Financiers. We are also positive. We give a solution!

"Lately there was a meeting at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Jasna Gora. There were 450,000 people. Most Rev. Edward M. Frankowski, who is responsible among the Polish Bishops for the Social Doctrine of the Church, was there. During his conference, he mentioned several phrases taken from the Polish 'Michael' Journal. He spoke of the International Financiers, of usury, of the banks and of injustice."

Mr. Janusz Lewicki and Mr. Jacek Morawa were themselves present at this meeting in Jasna Gora. What a joy for them to see that Bishop Frankowski had read the Polish "Michael" Journal! All the Bishops in Poland receive the Polish "Michael" Journal.

Our two propagandists have started to publish a series of books in Polish about Social Credit in a collection called "Around the Social Credit Doctrine". Their most recent book, "Globalne Oszutwo I Drogi Wyhscia" (Global Fraud and the Way Out) contains the three brochures of Louis Even: "The Money Myth Exploded", "What is Real Social Credit?" and "A Sound and Effective Financial System". Therefore, Mr. Morawa and Mr. Lewicki communicated with Bishop Frankowski. They asked him: "Could you make a recommendation (foreword) saying that Louis Even's book is good, like Bishop Zbigniew Josef Krazewski had done for Louis Even's book 'In this Age of Plenty'"? Bishop Frankowski sent his recommendation to Mr. Lewicki's home. See opposite the translation in English.

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