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Secret power of the Rosary

on Saturday, 01 August 2015. Posted in Prayers & Rosaries

Secret power of the Rosary

In 1978, MICHAEL published meditations on the Rosary dictated by the Virgin Mary to a Polish mystic, Barbara Kloss, who died on January 15, 1981, at the age of 78. In these difficult times, it is more appropriate than ever to get back to the Rosary, meditating on each of the mysteries of the life of Jesus and Mary:

Blessed Virgin Mary1. It is up to you to accept it

Words of Our Lady: The Rosary must be the joy of your heart, the light of your thoughts, the ardent desire of your will, the link which unites you to Heaven. It is the unfathomable source of the treasures which I offer you through My immaculate hands.

It depends on you alone to acept it and to recite it. Just offer your time, a humble and pious disposition and a bit of effort to collect your thoughts while reciting it. Do not be greedy of the time that you devote to it. Do not leave it for the last hour of the day, thinking that there will be sufficient time for it.

The rest is the grace, the action of the Holy Spirit, who gives us the knowledge of the Saviour in His mysteries, who also gives us the love of the Father, being the cause by which our burning souls, consumed by the holy breath, become able to absorb themselves in God. Our souls then realize the words of the Son of God: “The Kingdom of God is within you, the eternal, universal Kingdom of truth, of holiness and of grace, the kingdom of justice, of love and peace.” (Preface of the Solemnity of Christ the King.)

2. The Rosary is your property

The Rosary is an inexhaustible treasure of graces of the one God in the Holy Trinity. But to be able to profit from the Rosary, one must have faith, which will soon be turned into the joy of having received it.

The Rosary belongs to you. It is given to you forever. You have it for every moment and for every need, and it depends on you to profit from it and to act through it. It demands fidelity and perseverance.

The Rosary belongs to all those who are the prey of Our Hearts, the Heart of My Son and Mine. The Rosary unites into a common grace and in a victorious force all those who esteem and love it while they live on earth; it joins them together and to those who are already in the Triumph of Heaven.

3. Bought by the blood of My Son

The Rosary is a gift bought by the blood of My Son. If such is its origin and such is its richness, the resistence to know it and to accept it must not surprise us. For it is the devil, the world and our flesh that fight against it.

Place Me like a stamp on your heart. With the Rosary, it is much easier to knock at the door of God’s mercy.

4. The beginning of Heaven

Jesus wants Me to be known more and loved more (apparition at Fatima). Myself, I want that the Heart of My triumphant Son reign everywhere in your hearts. And both of us want your happiness, your good, for the glory of the Heavenly Father.

Meditation of Barbara: These desires of the two blessed Hearts are the source of a shower of mercy. We must look at Mary, love Her, thank Her, have confidence in Her, and supplicate Her for ourselves and for the whole world. This is why the Rosary exists, in which we repeat: “Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus”.

Barbara KlossThese words are of a very great importance, because they form the beginning of this adoration which must be transported right into eternity. We must pronounce them with a great love, with humility, while rejoicing that it is still permitted for us to pronounce them upon earth, for they are the mercy that is contained in the fifteen mysteries, in which we venerate it. May the mercy of God be venerated in the marvellous privileges of the marvellous power of the marvellous Lady.

(Editor’s note: Saint John Paul II initiated in 2002 the five Luminous Mysteries, which therefore makes a total of twenty mysteries for the Rosary; the spirit and principles dictated by Mary apply equally to these Luminous Mysteries.)

5. I am present for all in the Rosary

Words of Our Lady: Each victory over evil brings closer the arrival, and it is My own victory, for I have already received it from My Son. Each victory over evil brings closer My Kingdom. The condition for these victories is the continual repetition of the Rosary. I am present for all in the Rosary, it is there that you will find me.

6. I am the shortest way

I am the Truth. All My words are justice and truth. My Son said: “I am the Truth”. He who likes the Rosary likes the truth. It will be in his thoughts, in his heart, in his words, in his knowledge, in his judgments. But it is mostly in Me, by Me, and thanks to Me that the Rosary reaches this truth. Ad hence are fulfilled the words: Qui operantur non peccabunt, “those who act in Me do not sin.” And also the words: “I am the shortest way to truth, to the Son and to God.” This is why I proclaim the Rosary.

7. No protection without the Rosary

Meditation of Barbara: The world is flooded with sins. The Rosary proclaims the truth and fights for it. During the recitation of the Rosary, the truth penetrates in our soul. The words of the Rosary act upon the mind and the heart. The spirit meditates, and the heart becomes inflamed while we stand very close to the Mother and the Son and their friends who are in every mystery and take part in it. This is how the soul fills itself with the truth to the point of being able to offer it to others. Without the Rosary, not only does this not take place, but the fence which prevents us from straying is missing.

Hands with a rosaryWords of Our Lady: Every mystery has its power and its goal, but all fifteen mysteries together are like an army lined up for battle under My command. He who says the Rosary must know and remember that he does more than if he had built huge buildings and had made striking discoveries. For often Satan took part in these.

He who will find Me will find life and acquire salvation. He must remember that I am in the Rosary. This is where you must seek me, this is where you will find Me. This is what must incite you and encourage you to recite the Rosary with a greater fervor. There should be more Rosaries, and the Rosaries should be better recited so as to allow the stream of graces from My Immaculate Heart to flow more freely. Amen.

8. The weapon in the battle

I am very close, next to those who proclaim Me in spirit and in truth. Seek Me on the roads of the Saviour in the Rosary. He who will find Me, will find life and will obtain salvation from God. The Rosary is to search for Me and My Son. It is the aspiration to the supreme goal, the salvation of souls through a life sanctified by the Rosary. The Rosary is the weapon in the battle and the consolation when at rest. It is the condition for victory. It is the unwithered and inexhaustible source of graces. It is My will, My wish and My command.

The Rosary is My gift, the gift of the Mother to Her poor children. It is the visible sign of protection and the seal of the elect. It is the joy of the angels and the rejoicing of the saints. It is the terror and the fright of the devils, overcome by it. It is the simplest and shortest contact of Heaven with earth. It is the treasure of the poor and the strength of the brave. It is finally the joy of duty accomplished with love. It is the hope of the reward that will be obtained here below as in eternity.

The Rosary is a loving absorption, drop by drop, of the fifteen mysteries, like a refreshing rain needed so that good soil may produce good fruits.

8. The gift of My Mercy

My Immaculate Heart accepts and waits for all. Your esteem for the Rosary is the first sign that you give. Of this esteem flows faith in the Rosary, in the power of the Rosary, and then comes the love for the Rosary. If this is so, it means that my gift is in you and you are offering it to Me, and My Heart is already consoled. My Heart is always happy to find esteem, faith, hope and love in your hearts.

The Rosary is mine to give. It is therefore hated by those who hate Me. The unfortunate ones! Each time I descended upon the earth, through My love and the pity I have for you, I have reminded you of My Rosary. This was the gift of My mercy.

Be confident. The time has arrived for my Rosary to become your weapon. It is in the Rosary that you must seek and find Me. I am close to you. My Son said: “May your hearts not be troubled, don’t be afraid”!

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