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Saint Joseph, Vicar of the Eternal Father

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Saint Joseph

Christ’s Virginal Father

St. Joseph oratoryIn our history

March is the month consecrated to St. Joseph. The Work of “Michael” was placed under the protection of Saint Joseph as of March 7, 1938. On that day the Social Creditors undertook a pilgrimage to the St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal. It was Rev. Fr. Thomas-Marie Landry, theologian and philosopher, now deceased, who gave the sermon. The subject was: “It is good to be a Social Crediter when one is a Catholic, and it is good to be a Catholic when one is a Social Crediter.” This is a statement which we will never forget and whose accuracy we have confirmed a thousand times. We honored (in this pilgrimage) St. Joseph, whose month it was, and St. Thomas Aquinas, whose feast it was. We were in full economic crisis at that time. We asked St. Joseph to help our families to find their daily bread, and of St. Thomas Aquinas we asked that he open minds to the beautiful, liberating light of Social Credit.


A true father

Was not St. Joseph the provider of the Holy Family? It was he who was in charge of temporal affairs. Today in his glory, he must accomplish this same office; helping mankind again in this difficult task in life, especially fathers of families, of whom he is certainly the patron.

I certainly desire that St. Joseph be honored as the patron of workers, but I would prefer to look upon him as the patron of fathers of families. Because I love the workers, I would prefer to see them under their crown of fatherhood, rather than their enslaving lunch box.

St. Joseph was a father first before becoming a worker. In the order of God’s gifts, he was without a doubt, more a father than a worker.

St. Joseph is Jesus’ father, Christ’s earthly father, and virginal father, since the father’s reasoning holds immensely more to the fact of loving his son effectively, than to the fact of having physically begotten Him. Physical generation is not what constitutes the essentials of fatherhood. The Eternal Father is infinitely Father and He does not beget physically. He begets spiritually. St. Joseph also begot Jesus spiritually. He loved Him from Mary’s womb. He protected Him. He looked for a cradle for Him. He suffered for this Child. He fed Him. He defended Him against Herod. He sacrificed himself for Him, like a father. He brought Jesus up. He made a man of Him.

Joseph is Jesus’ father. He was delegated by the Eternal Father to represent Him on earth to His Only Begotten Son. “The Eternal Father is substantially father,” said Thomas Aquinas. “All paternity in Heaven and on earth comes from the Eternal Father.” He chose a man to represent Him as Father to Christ Incarnate. To this man, Joseph, the Eternal Father gave, to an eminent degree, all the necessary qualities for being a father. And this man, Joseph, was Mary’s spouse.

St. Joseph is Virginal Father. This nobleness adds to his resemblance to God the Father and signifies that, St. Joseph is more a father than any other father on the earth.

Therefore, if Mary, Mother of Christ, became through this, the Mother of Christians, then why wouldn’t St. Joseph, Christ’s father, not also become, for this same reason, the father of Christians? Jesus is the Son of the Eternal Father and at the same time Son of Joseph. We are adopted sons of the Eternal Father, and why not also sons of Joseph?

St. Joseph is the patron of fathers of families and St. Joseph is the father of Christians. What peace for us my friends! We have temporal worries; let us pray to Saint Joseph. We struggle with monetary problems; let us pray to St. Joseph. We need a house to shelter our family; let us pray to St. Joseph. Taxes want to devour our homes; let us pray to St. Joseph.


Father of Canada

In 1624, when Canada was only a tiny colony in Quebec City, Father LaCaron officially consecrated Canada to St. Joseph. It was on March 19th, feast of St. Joseph. Later on the popes sanctioned this choice of Saint Joseph as Patron of Canada.

Blessed Marie of the Incarnation and Catherine of Saint Augustine, both among the founders of New France (Canada), affirmed having dreamt of St. Joseph being named by God, Father, Guardian and Defender of the country of Canada.

Madame DeBullion, on January 12, 1644, promised to the Montreal Association, “a considerable annuity of 42,000 pounds, destined for the founding of a Hotel Dieu, built in the name of and in honor of St. Joseph, in Ville Marie (Montreal)”. This was the expressed desire of this noble donor.

Venerable Jerome LeRoyer de la Dauversiere, founder of the Gentlemen and Ladies of the Society of Our Lady of Montreal, was a great devotee of Saint Joseph. He founded the congregation of the Hospitaliers Daughters of St. Joseph in La Fleche, France. Without delay the Montreal Association contracted a transfer from France to Ville Marie, of three Hospitaliers, taken from the Community of the Daughters of St. Joseph and “not from any other Institute”, according to the terms of the contract. Since then, (1659) these religious Sisters of St. Joseph have devoted themselves to the sick at the Hotel Dieu of St. Joseph in Montreal. LeRoyer de La Dauversiere had in his program to spread the devotion to St. Joseph in Canada.

All the founders of Montreal stated clearly in writing their desire to build, on the island of Montreal, a kingdom to the glory of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, under the special protection of St. Joseph.

Is not the Basilica on Mount Royal, Saint Joseph’s Oratory, proof alone of the great protection of St. Joseph over our country? It was to one of our own French Canadians, Alfred Bessette, born in St. Gregoire-d’Iberville, Quebec on August 9, 1845 and who later became the famous Brother Andre (canonized in 2010), that hundreds of thousands of visitors came to ask for miracles at the Oratory which he founded and dedicated to the great St. Joseph. In Montreal, on the mountain overlooking the Plains and the River, a sanctuary of miracles was built to the glory of Christ’s father and the spouse of the Queen of the world. The most magnificent monument in the world, built for the glory of St. Joseph, is in our Canada, in our Montreal!


Model and strength of fathers

St. Joseph is ours. He was given to us by Heaven. Obviously he belongs to others too, but more particularly to us in Canada. He watches over our country, over our families. Eternal thanksgiving be to God! Saint Joseph is the most excellent earthly father, model and strength of other fathers on earth. Our fathers, the fathers of our families, their problems are serious today. They carry on their shoulders burdens that are too heavy, because the world has stripped them of their authority, of the power they used to have. The father of a family is a chief, a king, in the plan of God but God’s plan has been trampled upon. Crushed by those tyrants of the twentieth century, the financial tyrants, and political tyrants, those who unfortunately, are so well served by the traitors of our fallen elite! High Finance has dispossessed the fathers of families, taken their land, their homes, their goods, all those things which are the necessary support of their paternal authority. The Financial system and the taxes have forced girls, boys and even mothers from the home, and finally even the father himself. Devastated, these families are dispersed, scattered, resulting in a total destruction of the family. Then, each of them, isolated in an anonymous and heartless crowd, end up at the mercy of all those merchants in human flesh.

To complete this massacre let us now add to it the corrupting influence of newspapers and radio/television. Our families have lost their traditions. Their institutions, hospitals and schools have been stolen away from them. It is only a matter of time before their churches too will be closed. Unfortunately, many of their priests have even abandoned them. Parents are attacked by their own children through the Ministry of Education and by indifferent and atheistic teachers.

Great St. Joseph, pray for us! Have pity on the families of Canada, which you took under your beneficial protection long ago. St. Joseph, you must still love us as much now as you did then. We are the ones who have stopped venerating you but we will begin anew. Wait for us, Saint Joseph, on your Mount Royal, we will come!

For it ever to become possible for the fathers of families to take their places once again in their own homes, in a country where they will be as kings, a great light must shine in the minds of men on the principles of family politics and on the actions of our politicians. MICHAEL is a great light for Canada. It must penetrate everywhere, everywhere! And the role of each one of us, of each one of you, my friends, is to introduce MICHAEL into the homes. Spread MICHAEL, to give it to everyone!


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