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Prayer to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

on Saturday, 01 August 2020. Posted in Prayers & Rosaries

Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Angels and Saints, you have received from God the mission to restore order in heaven and on earth. It is under your direction, and under your protection, that the celestial legions and the saints of the earth fight against Satan, the leader of the rebellious armies.

Humbly prostrate at your feet, we ask you to grant the Pilgrims of Saint Michael the great honour of enrolling us in your sacred militia and considering us to be your very faithful and ardent servants. We place our trust in you. We resort to you, Virgin Queen, to drive the infernal dragon from spirits and institutions. We ask your help in our efforts to overthrow the economic dictatorship denounced by the sovereign pontiffs.

Deign to bow down to us, to help us to keep the state of grace, and to direct our activities toward establishing an earthly order in which the state of grace is made easy for all men.

We joyfully submit our will to yours, and we beg you to present our perfect submission to the Most Holy and Very August Trinity. You alone are able to have Him accept the homage of our adoration and the call of our prayers. Amen.

This prayer was composed by Louis Even, to be recited everyday by the friends of MICHAEL. The prayer shows the spirit and determination required of a Pilgrim of Saint Michael.

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