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Lech Dokowicz's testimony part 3

on Wednesday, 01 August 2012. Posted in Testimonies

Quis ut Deus!

Lech Doowick's testimony


Continuation from Part 2 that was published in the May-June-July 2012 issue of MICHAEL Journal.

I went in another direction from the third floor where we were above the 20,000 young people. I went through halls full of them. Then I got to an intersection, I saw two people I knew standing behind a table with walkie-talkies. I was very afraid because I thought that someone (Peter) had signalled them to stop me. As I approached the table I tried to make myself as small as possible. All of a sudden two young men appeared out of nowhere and walked in step with me like marching soldiers. One walked directly in front of me almost touching me and one walked directly behind me. So we walked together like marching soldiers past the table. I continued to walk together with them, I felt safe with them. We walked down corridors, then down some stairs, then through the hall and so on. This continued for a few minutes. Then the two men stopped. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the exit with a set of double glass doors through which daylight was coming. Outside I could see the hotel I wanted to get to. When I turned around, the two men had disappeared. At that moment I ran up the stairs. There I met Peter who had gone the short way. He tried to verbally stop me. He said, “We have to talk. I have something to tell you.” With all my strength pushed him aside, and I shouted something at him. I ran upstairs to my room, grabbed my passport and my car keys, and I ran down to the parking where our cars were.

It was then that I noticed that on the back of our cars, we all had received large decals to put on the back window of our cars. I noticed that in a stylistic way, this decal portrayed the face of the devil. When I went up to the car, I heard a strong voice inside my head that said, “Don’t drive the car.”

I took the most important things out of the car. I knew that I had to get to Poland as quickly as possible. I started walking in the direction of the rising sun. I knew that eventually I would find a bus or train station that would get me to Berlin. I walked from church to church trying to find a priest so that I could call home to Poland. I knew what was happening to my son, and I wanted my parents—specifically my mother—to call for help for my son. None of the churches were open . I continued walking like this for an hour (maybe an hour and a half) through parks and all sorts of residential blocks. I walked until I arrived at a suburb of villas where there was a phone booth.

I threw a few German marks that I still had into the telephone and called my aunt.

“Aunt, I need you to tell my mom something right away.”

“Your mother is here, you can tell her yourself.” my aunt said.

This was something improbable. My mom lived 20 kilometres away from my aunt. The chances of my mom coming to my aunt on a holiday like Mayday at 8 AM in the morning was improbable...

When my mother answered the phone, I told her,

“Listen mom, Peter and the people who I work with are Satanists. You have to call for a priest and immediately remove all the symbols we have in Robert’s room.”

Because in our child’s room we kept hundreds of CDs from DJs, posters, and books all filled with symbols. Above the door to my child’s room, we received a painting from Japan of a snake weaving around three black roses. The people who had given us this painting, told us this would protect us from all sorts of spirits. Now it was clear what the symbolism of the snake was, and what it was meant to protect us from. It was the devil protecting us from God’s grace.

My mother said, “Don’t worry son, we will take of everything. But when are you coming back to Poland?”

I told her, “Don’t worry; I will come home as soon as possible.”

Afterwards I called two friends (a couple) living in Amsterdam, who now live in Poland. The girl picked up the phone. I told her about Peter and our mutual friends. She said that I had completely scared her with my phone call. She was trying to make some breakfast and I was calling her in the morning with this revelation that our mutual friends were Satanists. She told me to wait and call back in some 20 minutes. Her boyfriend had gone out for some groceries, and she wanted me to tell him everything that I had said to her.

So I sat down on a concrete wall and waited for this time to pass. As I tried to collect my thoughts and think about what happened that day, I noticed a car drive-up. The car drove up and stopped 15 to 20 metres away from me. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the driver had stopped. I looked in his direction and I saw a man around 40 clothed completely in black. He had a short spiky moustache and beard that is not fashionable today. He stood with his arms crossed, shifting his weight from one leg to another, and all the while, he was looking at me with a smile. His smile wasn’t a pleasant smile but rather an evil smirk. He looked at me as if he wondered what I was going to do now. Then I looked at the license plate of the car. It read: D, O, meaning Dortmund, a dash, a letter and the number 666. Then I felt a cold wave hit me, chilling me to my very being and a horrible sensation of fear and panic. A thought came to me, “You cannot do anything to me because I believe in God.” Since that time whenever I experienced a demonic attack, I remembered that thought.

This was a situation. Normally the evil spirit acts by using temptation rather than showing himself directly. The devil acts directly when dealing with people who choose God as their Lord and want to serve Him with their consent/being. Those people then experience the real nature of demons. Or the people who have gone to the other side, those people experience the devil’s entire strength. Of course then they don’t experience God’s strength or graces.

From that moment the evil spirit tried to destroy me and frighten me. No longer looking in his direction, I got up and started running down the street. After sometime I arrived at a narrow sandy footpath running parallel to a railroad track. I followed this path and I arrived at the train station beyond the city limits of Dortmund. A few minutes after I got there, one of the two trains that ran that day between Dortmund and Berlin arrived at the station. The train was filled with youth returning from Mayday.

Lech Dokowick in DublinAs I sat in the open railway car, I could hear the music these young people were listening to. They had portable music players and were playing the music loudly. On the train ride back, I experienced a frightening vision of Germany and personal demonic attacks. I heard voices and this continued for a few weeks. I felt a different sensitivity for things around me. I could look at a person, and I would sense the state of his soul and his relationship with God. I could tell whether that person was close to or far from God. I could see how images on billboards in cities we passed, were motivated spiritually. And I remember that I experienced this the worst in Berlin.

When I arrived at Berlin, the city seemed like a nest of snakes. It was a horrible experience as I moved through the streets. I had to finally reach the train station in East Berlin, where the trains to Gdynia, Poland departed from. I arrived there at 22:20 and got on the only train that went daily to Gdynia. The train departed the station only 10 minutes later.

I sat in that train . The train continued moving for an hour and a half, and then stopped. When the train stopped, something had changed. I wondered why. I realized that the presence of evil spirits that had haunted me before had disappeared. The doors opened and a Polish customs officer asked for my passport. I had crossed over the border back into Poland.

I felt this experience strongly, because I realized what happened. I realized that I had arrived at a country that is prayed over; that we are in a country where thousands of people receive Jesus Christ in the Eucharist; where millions of people hold a rosary in their hands praying at night for their children, and grandchildren even when those children and grandchildren often make fun of the people praying for them; that hundreds of thousands every year placed themselves under the Virgin Mary’s protection, mainly here in Czestochowa.

This was the first time I could fall asleep during the trip. And I slept until 6 in the morning when the train pulled into Gdynia. I went home; I told my wife and my parents everything what had happened.

I said to my mom, “What I really need right now, is a priest. I need a priest who after listening to this entire story, will not laugh at me, but rather will be willing to help me.”

Lech Dokowicz

Translated by Dorian Pula

(last part in the next issue)

My mom said, “There are two that I know and one of them will help. When you go to them, God will show which one of them you should go to.”

I went to the first address who was a priest from a religious order. After a few seconds, I realized that he was not the one I should talk to. I apologized to him, and I told him that I had changed my mind about confessing to him.

I went to the church at the second address. This is a church with Perpetual Adoration in my city. My mom told me when I first came home, that a replica of Our Lady of Fatima that was on pilgrimage throughout Eastern Europe and would be in Gdynia. This exact replica was travelling to renew faith in the places and cities that it visited. In a few days time there would be a devotion in Gdynia. When I was searching for the second priest, an older lady came from behind the church.

She said, “Excuse me sir. But we badly need a strong man to help us carry something.”

I said, “Sure, why not.”

She led me behind the church. Someone needed to carry a heavy steel cross to where to the place where the Virgin Mary statue was.

This situation was unbelievable. In the first time in my adult life out of my own free will, I went to a church to look for help. I was in a terrible state then. And while I was searching for a priest to help me, and I got to carry this cross. A cross that was so heavy that it cut into my shoulder and I felt I would fall over. Here I was walking down the main street of the city I grew up in—where I lived for 18 years—and the only thought in my head was that any moment I would end up lying on the ground with this cross on top of me, at 3 in the afternoon. What would all these people think about me?

I became ashamed of this cross. When I was walking like this, afraid that I would fall down at any moment, I suddenly heard the same voice that I heard in Dortmund. This time the voice said, “Those who want to follow Me, let them take up their cross and follow Me.”

After that it was all the same for me, if I fell down carrying this cross or not. I cried like a small child. I said to myself that I would not leave this church, when I got to the place where the cross was supposed to be. I knew that God had led me to the right place. I wondered how was it that even though I was such a sinner, and yet God was giving such signs.

I went inside the church, and sat in the last row in the corner. I learned that the priest had gone off to get some building supplies, and that I would have to wait for him until the next Mass, the next Mass being in 3 hours. So I sat in the last row in the corner and tried to pray. But how does one pray who has not prayed in 17 years? I could not come up with anything.

Then I heard the doors behind me open, and a group of people entering the church behind me. It turned out to be a group of older women. They kneeled near me and started praying. I wondered what was happening now. When I looked to my right, in the direction they were praying and I saw the first Station of the Cross. So what was I to do? I started praying the Stations of the Cross along with these older ladies. While I prayed the Stations of the Cross, God showed me images from my life, and I finally understood what I was doing in my life.

When the Mass started, there was a cloudburst above Gdynia. There was an incredible atmosphere. On one hand the Liturgy inside the church and on the other outside you could see lightning, since the whole front of the church had large glass windows. Lightning streaks came down one after another like machine gun fire. The church echoed from the thunder and the sound of rain hitting the steel roof of the church. Many things happened during the Mass for me.

Yet after the Mass I managed to catch the priest. The priest and I also had an adventure rescuing a chapel that was in danger of flooding because of the rainwater. This was the first priest that God put on my way. He also baptized my son a few days later. After the baptism all the things that were happening to my son disappeared and never came back. Two years ago some American exorcists were praying over my son, and they said he was clean and there were no trace of those earlier incidents.

After the Mass, the priest told me to come back in a few days and prepare for a general confession from my entire life. Until that moment then, I did not understand what confession was all about.

When I left the confessional I felt like a new person. I could embrace every person I met. I understood then that we were all God’s children. I understood how much God loves us all. When I first received Jesus after all that time I... I cannot describe how I felt...

After that I went with mom to Czestochowa, here to Jasna Gora. I wanted to thank Mary for this miraculous rescue. From the stories my mom told me, I learned that the Mother of God took good care of me all this time. Right before the meeting with Harris (just a months before), I along with my parents had placed ourselves under Mary’s protection, in front of the statue of Madonna Della Strada that was on pilgrimage between the parishes of Gdynia. I had forgotten about that day. But the Mother of God didn’t. When I left for Germany all those years ago, I left on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Caramel on the 16th of July. I’ve noticed many times how the Virgin Mary has blessed my family. One of my daughters was born on the 15th of August on the Assumption of Our Lady. My second daughter on the 8th of December on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Well... for a non-believer that seems like a mere coincidence. But for a Christian there are no coincidences.

I am 100% sure, that the Virgin Mary interceded for us through her prayers. And all for the parents here, my mother prayed for 17 years for my conversion. When she had given up hope and lost her strength, when she thought that I would go to hell, that is when God brought on my conversion. I am certain...

* clapping *

I am certain that God always hears out a parent’s prayer even if it is in the last moment of a child’s life. It will be heard and no such prayer goes to waste.

Right after I returned from Czestochowa, the very next day I went to Warsaw to the Telewizja Niepokalanych (Television for the Immaculate). I wanted out to reach priests and bishops, and warn them about what was coming to Poland. I wanted to warn them about the kind of spiritual steamroller that was coming to Poland; a steamroller that would grind everything in its path. What I said here today, is just a fragment of many things that are in full realization in our country (Poland) today. We know why. It is happening because this is the last country in Europe that can be called Catholic. I knew it was important to get to the Church Hierarchy as soon as possible. To give them time to act, to rescue the youth, and to renew the priesthood. So that as in the past history of our country, especially in difficult times, that priests would stand at the forefront (of this struggle).

I went to the television studio, and I met the director of the studio. He was frightened by my entire story.

All that he could say is, “I’m sorry I don’t have time.” I could see was fear in his eyes.

After he said “There is a nun here. You should speak with her.”

So I started talking with the nun, a Sister of the Sacred Heart. Now she is my spiritual friend and a psychologist by profession. In the beginning she was trying to determine if I had all my marbles in place.

When she had decided that I was sane, she asked, “Are you from Warsaw?”

I said, “No, I’m from Gdynia.”

She replied, “That is good. There are Jesuits there. You need immediate spiritual guidance.”

The next day (Friday) I drove back to Gdynia. The director of the retreat centre—now he is also a good spiritual friend of mine—said, “I’m sorry, I have very little time. Could you tell me a summary of this?”

Once I started telling him everything and he said, “Take your time. I have time.” He resigned from some other meetings to hear me out.

It turned out that two weeks earlier, this priest experienced a demonic attack during an acupuncture session. The demon bound him down so badly that the director could not even move his moustache. He was completely bound. He felt some kind of weight crushing down on him and surrounding him. He could not breathe, he was frightened and he thought that this was the end of his life. He started calling out, “Jesus!” and started praying. After he started praying, the forces let him go.

He realized that this was in preparation for him to lead me. He had not realized that these forces could be so real, so physical. He became my spiritual director for the next 10 years, and helped me through Ignatian exercises and spiritual direction.

After he heard my story, he said, “Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday. This will begin the first week of Ignatian exercises.”

These sessions happened twice a year: one week during the winter, one week during the summer. It seemed that God had planned out everything perfectly. During these exercises, I started a spiritual battle and experienced all sorts of things. I was placed in a closed monastery, where Jesuits and nuns prayed over me. The demon tried to destroy me many times during these exercises. However there wasn’t a moment that God did not come out victorious. He came and helped me when I needed help.

* clapping *

Step-by-step God showed me how wrongly I had imagined Him. Step-by-step He showed me how wrongly I imagined myself and the world around me. He then started to rebuild me from the first principle.

12 years have past since that time. Today, I, along with my friends who lived through similar experiences, who have experienced the Living God enter into our lives, we create documentary films about what God does in the world today. If people only knew the truth (about God), then as Jesus said, the truth would set them free. God is doing incredible things on this world. Things that are as great or maybe even greater than what He did when His Son was on this Earth. It is incredible how active the Holy Spirit is in the world today.

Today there is a great battle for the spirit of the world and the souls of individual people. What is needed (in the world today) are saints (and saintly people). What is needed are people who will follow God completely. Every one of you, who makes this decision in life to follow God, will be a great light for many people.

Yes... so at the end I wanted to tell you folks something. Today I talked about many difficult things that are normally hidden. Somehow by God’s will, He allowed me live through it and let me leave that life. However I want you to understand all of this but do not be anxious. This is the reality which in one way or another, a person who leaves God will encounter face-to-face. This is just a prediction of how a meeting with a demon will happen for every person who rejects God as his creator and lord. What does that mean for us? This mean for all of us who walk with their hearts open to God that we must enter into the spiritual battle for all those who live in darkness.

God needs all of you and there are thousands of ways to serve him. You can pray, you can offer up your suffering (so that no suffering will go to waste), you join into (religious) societies, you can talk, you can get involved in political parties, and so on. Anything that will promote good, beauty and truth, and whose ideal portrayal is God. We have to ask God that He may use us. That He may cleanse us and use us as instruments for rescuing others. Ultimately that He may allow us to become more holy.

These are extraordinary times we live in. I analyzed why this was happening in the world (and I think I know why). This is not some sudden process that just happened. Since at least the end of World War II and in the 1950s, the thing that changed the world was Vatican II and its new calling to sainthood. During this time the Holy Spirit let His blessings flow around the world. All around the world, like mushroom after the rain, all sort of communities sprang up. God said that there will come a time, when the elders will sleep and the youth will prophesy. This is happening nowadays all of over the world. God is bringing back His presence in the world. And His presence is returning with such strength like in the first centuries. Wherever people go to meet Him, they experience this renewed presence.

And how did the Demon respond to this? The Devil seeing that his time is shortening and that God is preparing people for a deeper relationship with Him, created a sort of anti-structure. This was during the time of Hippies. Music became the medium for creating this anti-community. This music that would destroy people, even while these people thought they were coming together. The sexual revolution happened, and contradicted values that existed for 2000 years and formed Europe and the world as we know it. All of these things were the Devil’s response to God’s working.

Now what happened next? John Paul II, a great saint and a sign for the entire church, he said that the spring of the church is coming. If John Paul II, even though he saw all the darkness looming around the world, said that the spring of the church is coming. We ought to believe his words.

So I invite all you, where ever you find yourselves spiritually, to give yourself more deeply to God. Open your hearts, as John Paul II said, open them wide to Christ and ask God that He may use you. This is most important. We Catholics, Christians must regain consciousness; we have to reawaken and see what is happening around us and through prayer, we must become priests of prayer. We have to become a people of prayer. So that through prayer we will do works, these works will lead others to prayer. This is most important. This is how this cycle must function.

This is what I wish for all of you with all my heart. Thank you for the meeting. May God be with you!

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