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God or the golden calf

on Sunday, 01 May 2011. Posted in Church teachings

God or the golden calf

Homily of Bishop Valentin Masengo, bishop of Kabinda in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Thursday, April 7, 2011 at the parish church of St. Michael in Rougemont, during our week of study:

First reading: Exodus 32, 7-14   Psalm: 106, 19-23   Gospel: John 5, 31-47

Dear brothers and sisters, assembled in the Lord; we are almost at the end of our week of formation, we have been very assiduous during this week, not only because of the teaching of social credit but also because of the Word of God and the sharing of the Bread come down from Heaven. The readings of each day help us to enter more profoundly into this time of Lent so that we will no longer continue to harden our hearts — or at least the world, the world today; will no longer harden their hearts.

God or the golden calf — this is the problem that poses itself in the world today. This problem is not only happening today because, in the time of Moses in the desert, this problem was obvious. Nihil novi sub sole said wise Latin scholars, and the Holy Scriptures: There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1, 9).

Bishop Valentin MasengoGod or the golden calf, this seems to be the continuous battle of man. Even in institutions that we believe are secure in what concerns truth; doubt continues to exist. For the short time that Moses was on Mount Sinai — he was not wasting time but doing his duty — the people understood that things had perhaps gone wrong and they lost themselves to idolatry, to the golden calf.

Today we are here and, in the Gospel once again, Christ speaks to us of truth and our witness to the truth. That is God and the counter-witness is the golden calf. Today, we speak often regarding this critical situation of the Church, this Church that is suffering. She suffers because her own children have become destroyers of the teachings of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Magisterium. We could say that man really loves to lie. We find today that, once again, after all we have taught for 2000 years, people are able to deconstruct and entice men to adore the golden calf.

We said a few days ago in one conference that this destruction was desired by Freemasons or other institutions, including the financial and banking institutions who wish to destroy the Church. These institutions innovate and give new ethics; above all they wish that these ethics be accepted by the whole world.

The deconstruction is the work of the false theologians, or theologians who would once again; have us adore the golden calf. Yes, loyalty is quickly gone in the human heart and each man tells lies to his neighbor. They flatter and speak with forked-tongue, says the Psalmist. This is a situation that causes suffering in the Church every day. Our prayer, in these circumstances, is to ask the Lord that His Spirit descends on those who wish to continue to adore the true God, to adore truth and to know and live truth, as Christ Himself said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

We do not always accept this truth; we fight against it in many ways. This is what we call deconstruction. This deconstruction is not only done in an exterior manner, it enters into the interior of the Church, it finds new strategies so that the people that we think are the servants of God and who, like Moses, should transmit the Word of God, today introduce lies into the fold and destroy bit by bit; they give conferences to destroy and discourage; that finally bring continuous and perpetual doubt; that do not help us to advance.

Truth comes from God and I believe that it is also a battle to follow this truth. May we be able, through prayer, sacrifice and the Eucharist, to accept this truth and to reject all the counter-truths that are today becoming a commonplace occurrence and for which everything is put forth to discourage the children of God. Let us pray that the Lord our God, once we return to our respective countries — because we know that we came here for a battle, the battle for truth and for Social Credit: will bring the human race to understand the truth; to understand the true God and to adore Him without hindrance or flinching.

May the Lord protect the Pilgrims of St. Michael in their daily work, in their work for the truth and their battle to adore the true God and not the golden calf. May the Lord give us this grace and may He bless us, He who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

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