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Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

on Tuesday, 01 May 2012. Posted in Prayers & Rosaries

Sacred Heart of JesusAt the end of his catecheses on the Good Shepherd given on May 28th, 2012, Most Rev. Christian Lepine, Archbishop of Montreal, said this prayer of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus inspired by St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Marguerite Mary Alacoque and St. Therese of Lisieux:

O my God, Blessed Trinity, I desire to love you

and to show others how to love you. I desire to make my life into a response of love to your love

but I recognize my powerlessness and I ask you,

O my God, to be yourself, my holiness.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I give and consecrate

my person and my life, my actions, sorrows

and sufferings, in order to love and glorify you with all my being. O burning heart of love,

receive and take all my liberty, memory,

intelligence and will, all that I have and possess.

It is my most profound desire to belong totally to you and to work only for your love.

May the acts of love of all the saints

and angels support me.

I take you, O Sacred Heart, as the unique object of my love, the protector of my life, the remedy of my fragility and inconstance, the reparation of all my faults and my assured salvation

during the evening of my existence.

O Trinitarian love, you gave me everything. I render all things to you,

unique God. Everything is yours. Dispose of me according to your will,

give me your love and grace and all that I need.

O merciful and good Father, you gave me your only Son

to be my Saviour. O Holy Spirit, you are the love that unites me

to the Word made flesh. O pierced Heart of Jesus-Christ;

you shower waves of the infinite tenderness of divine love

on me, in my soul. This is why I wish that my happiness

consists in living and dying for you, in an act of perfect love. Amen.

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