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Church Crisis

on Saturday, 01 October 2011. Posted in Roman Catholic Church

Michael Voris is the president and founder of St. Michael's Media. He is among the generations of Catholics who simply didn't receive thorough and accurate catechesis. Through his Catholic television show, The One True Faith, and his collaboration with, Mr. Voris intends to change that. He is the creator and host of The Vortex, in which he elaborates many subjects about the faith. Here is the the text from one of his programs, for your information.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex, where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed, I'm Michael Voris.

Our recent Vortex episodes from Ireland have certainly caused quite the stir. So far they've been viewed about 70,000 times and counting with no let up in sight.

They illustrate the crisis in the Church in a most direct manner. If the Church can be nearly totally destroyed in Ireland in such a short span... it can happen anywhere.

Which leads to today's topic. I got a call from a friend over the weekend who said he was sitting around at dinner with some friends from the parish and when he mentioned the crisis in the church... some of the other couples looked totally bumfuzzled (confused).

Crisis? What crisis? What do you mean crisis? Is there a crisis? Nobody told me about any crisis? I don't'see any crisis? Crisis? Is there really a crisis? Ah, come on. We don't have no stinkin'crisis.

The amount of everyday run of the mill Catholics who are totally just unaware... simply out of touch with the worldwide crisis the Church is in, is staggering.

This is what happens when a slow death... a slow takeover, is going on.

While almost no parishes ever talk about this... and practically none... not all, but practically none of the bishops will admit it OR face it... it is very real.

What is the Catholic world view? Simply put, it's this. If you make it to heaven... whatever happened down here didn't really matter. It's a question of destiny really... our eternal fate. That's all.

How do you lose heaven? That's pretty straightforward as well. By dying in a state of mortal sin.

Well, when you understand that the vast majority of Catholics in America, Europe, Australia, Canada, and that means we're talking about hundreds of millions of souls who don't go to Mass, haven't set foot in a confessional anytime this century, practice or accept birth control, homosexuality, etc. don't believe in the Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist and pretty much disregard what the Pope says when they don't agree... then you have to see that most Catholics are walking around in an objective state of mortal sin.

How much they may or may not be culpable is left to God... but that they are in an objective state of mortal sin cannot be denied.

Now as to the means of how to raise themselves up from this deplorable state… prayer and the sacraments... the devotional life... a REAL life in Christ, not a social one... most Catholics again plod along as though nothing in the spiritual life matters at all.

Oh sure, the 75 percent who don't go to Mass... the 98 percent who practice or accept birth control might THINK of themselves as somehow being associated with the Church... they really are not in any meaningful way.

Their eternal lives are in immediate danger. They do not live according to the faith and they do next to nothing to correct the situation. If they die in that state... they are gambling with eternity and the odds are probably very steep.

St. Paul himself; imprisoned, stoned, shipwrecked, mocked, dragged through the streets, chased out of towns, falsely accused... THIS man said "work out your salvation in fear and trembling."

If HE is saying that... what about the rest of us.

Why do so many bishops refuse to talk like their ancient and sainted forebear? After all... the bishops of the Catholic Church are the direct successors of the Apostles. Why then do so many refuse to preach the same as he did. They either don't preach the truth nearly enough and sufficiently OR they preach anti-truth.

The preceding generation of bishops in these countries... a large number of them... helped to tear and rip the faith apart. This current generation of bishops... many of them... simply maintain the damage.

In the meantime... hundreds of millions of souls are in dire peril of eternal perdition. But hey, who are we to say so. We're so reactionary and whacked out.

Crisis, what crisis, where's the crisis. No one's ever said crisis. I don't see no stinkin'crisis. God Love you.

Michael Voris

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