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The Summit

on Monday, 01 February 1960. Posted in Politics

Great play has been made in the newspapers about a 'summit' meeting between the political leaders of Russia and the Western powers. It is assumed by many that some sort of magic will arise out of such a meeting, and that the existing suspicion and tension will change miraculously, into peace and goodwill merely by a meeting and talk.

The general public are being encouraged everywhere to thing so, because it suits the international Money Monopolists that attention is diverted from themselves and their policy as much as possible.

The reason for this is that if people's minds were not continually directed away from such personal matters as taxes, incomes and prices, they might easily discover that this is where the seeds of war generated, and that, accordingly, if real peace is wanted, this is where a change must be made. A change, too, that will prove beneficial to everybody, and one that will improve the living conditions of the millions of individuals who form the basis of society.

The truth is that an error cannot be remedied merely by magnifying it into world dimensions, and expecting a solution out of big talk. Permanent peace and prosperity for Russians as well as the British and others can be won, providing a start is made at the base of society. World peace with secure prosperity can only become effective from the bottom up, in accordance with the natural order and not from the top down. Harmony needs to be created at the Base by providing a fair balance between the income and the expenditure of every individual person, so that each can live well without having to fight for security and without having to get into ever-recurring debt to bankers.

If electors insisted that such a balance and harmony be provided for their personal living affairs, their mandate could be satisfied by the adoption of a Social Credit financial policy.

For such a purpose a Summit meeting is of no value whatever.

George Hickling in Credit Notes

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