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Red Propaganda via Anti-Red Press

on Saturday, 01 October 1955. Posted in Politics

- Reprinted from The Canadian Intelligence Service –

We have long believed that the internal communist menace was far more dangerous than the external one, that if this continent falls into Red slavery it will be the result of subversion from within more than armies from without.

One of the prime objectives of this Service is to expose communist 'fronts', strategies and tactics, and thereby equip our readers to effectively combat communist moves and machinations in this country.

A typical example of how the Reds induce our non-communist press to further communist ends is worth examination.

J. V. McAree is a senior and eminent columnist for the Toronto "Globe & Mail" In his September 19th column he attacked the Quebec: "Padlock Law" which is directed against communism, and refers his readers to a pamphlet, "The Padlock Law Threatens YOU!", published by the Civil Liberties Union, the address of which he gives with an invitation to send in financial contributions.

No newspaper man in Canada today can plead ignorance of the fact that the Civil Liberties Union is one of the most notorious communist 'fronts' in this country. This 'front' is not interested in the civil liberties of loyal Canadians, but is interested in defending Reds and Red causes and inducing Canadians to put no obstacles in the way of those who are working night and day to bring an end to the civil liberties of all, except those of a chosen few.

But Mr. McAree did not bring this to the attention of his readers, as he actually used the columns of the (Conservative) "Globe & Mail" to parrot the commie line and solicit funds for a commie 'front'!

He then pulled tears with a sob story of a Mr. and Mrs. Swizman and their child being thrown out into a Montreal street on a cold winter night by 'ten burly men," and their home padlocked. And he goes on to lament that a year later, in 1950, the Cultural Centre of the United Jewish People's Order in Montreal was likewise padlocked.

Actually, both these premises were closed up by the provincial police because they were identified as distribution centres for communist literature.

And how were Mr. McAree's readers to guess that the United Jewish People's Order is one of the most notorious and influential communist 'fronts' in Canada today, praised and promoted week after week in the communist press; and that this Order was expelled years ago from the Canadian Jewish Congress because of its open communist activities!

Mr. McAree's statement that "A man may think what he likes — except in Quebec" is without foundation in truth. Obviously, the law is not invoked against people for thinking communism, for the simple reason that no one knows what another thinks except as indicated by overt acts. And it was because of the overt acts — the distribution of Red propaganda – that the premises referred to were closed up.

This is a perfect example of the communist recruitment of the voluntary co-operation of the non-communist press in transmitting the commie line.

Would Guarantee Slavery

The editor of this same leading Toronto daily, in a lead editorial that same week, viewed with satisfaction the Western statesmen's recognition of the Soviet Union's need for security. For months our press, generally, has been proclaiming the Soviet's right to protection and security.

But just what does this imply?

It implies that we should guarantee the security of the Kremlin as it imposes its dictates upon hundreds of millions of captive peoples and swallows and digests Eastern Europe.

Moscow's security means millions' slavery.

And since when have the Kremlin gangsters any 'right', may we ask, to security any more than the Chicago underworld?

And since when should the West guarantee the security of gangsters and the slavery of our brothers?

It is the incredible gullibility of our so-called leaders today which does so much to confuse and mislead our own people and strengthen the hands of the enemy within.

Over three centuries ago Shakespeare warned:

This England never did, nor never shall

Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror

But when it first did help to wound itself.

This subversion must be exposed; it must be stopped. And to that end we dedicate our efforts.

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