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Quebec government imposes religious restrictions on daycares

on Monday, 01 August 2011. Posted in Quebec

New religious restrictionsNew government policies in Quebec are now prohibiting any religious instruction in government-subsidized daycares. A group of parents from various Catholic communities throughout Quebec are asking that the Superior Court declare the new guidelines being imposed by the governments unconstitutional.

They state that Catholicism has always been closely integrated in the province from its birth. The majority of Quebecs’ citizens are still Catholic and the beliefs of Catholics must be respected as an essential right.

In Quebec, parents pay 7 dollars per day for each child placed in the daycare centers and the rest, ($43.00 per day) is subsidized by the Quebec government (with taxpayers’ money). By not giving this money directly to the parents, it penalizes the stay-at-home parents, because the government does not want families to have a choice. Just as in Soviet Russia, the Quebec government wants to take kids away from their parents as early as possible, so they will be influenced and raised by the State.

The distinctions imposed to separate culture from religion has developed even to the point about what children can learn about Noah’s Ark and Exodus, for example. All instruction into a divine nature or Being are to be avoided at all costs. The imposition of the government into the religious matters in Quebec is a striking reminder of socialist and communist countries, who utilized the same tactics.

“We will not teach any dogma, belief or specific religious practices to children up to the age of five, regardless of their religion,” said Quebec’s Minister of Family Yolande James, as reported The Journal of Quebec. She went on to explain that children may continue to be taught about cultural traditions that have religious roots but any activities that amount to religious instruction will no longer be permitted.

Isabelle Couet, whose daughter attends a daycare run by a Catholic nun, said the centre’s long-running tradition of staging a nativity play will have to end this Christmas due to the new regulations.

Although the media continues to spread lies stating that Canadians have no wish for a Catholic culture, this is not based on fact. It is a simple matter to invent statistics and opinions and then pass them off to the public as truths. This type of propaganda was done to spread many of the now “mainstream” ideologies of today, such as abortion, homosexual marriage, euthanasia and now in the uprooting of religion in daycares and school systems. Indeed, the point is to eradicate faith in God in all institutions around the world.

Let us continue to speak out and inform the people as our governments slowly submit us to a socialistic and Godless regime. They tell us that faith is relative, subject to personal interpretation. They tell us that truth is how each individual sees it and is not based in belief in God, the Creator of heaven and earth. They tell us that the state should have complete control over our children’s education and health and that our elderly should be put to death like dogs.

They tell us that perverted relationships have the right to make marriage vows before God, even if these relationships are in complete contradiction to both God’s law and the natural law. They tell us that our food is healthy when they inject and spray toxic chemicals into it so that we die from cancer or other maladies; and many other lies too numerous to list. As both the spiritual and temporal battles continue to intensify and we near the end of our era, as so many holy people are telling us, let us stand firm in our beliefs and progress in establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth.

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