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Quebec and Ottawa

on Thursday, 01 September 1955. Posted in Politics

The Hon. Jacques Miquelon — no doubt speaking with the approval of the Duplessis Government — participated in the Union of Electors demonstration before the Quebec Parliament Buildings on September 4th. In reply to the demand that Social Credit principles of finance be adopted by the Province, the Minister made no attack upon Social Credit, but he did raise, inter alia, these objections:

(1) that Social Credit had not been recommended by economists before this, century, and is advocated today by only a few of them; and

(2) that, under the terms of the BNA Act, finance is primarily a matter for Ottawa, and it is there that approval must be won. Let us examine these objections.

FIRSTLY, the Minister is quite correct in stating that Social Credit financial policy (though based upon principles as old as Christendom itself) was not recommended before this century and for two very good reasons:

(a) the author of Social Credit, the late C. H. Douglas, belongs to this century; and

(b) the power-driven machine did not pour forth its super-abundance until the twentieth century. Scarcity was the old order. Social Credit is a policy for distributing abundance — and that abundance was not here before this century.

The automobile and electric washer were not "recommended" before this century, either. Does the Minister therefore reject them!

SECONDLY, while Ottawa may have a responsibility with respect to financial policy, it cannot be denied that:

the real credit — wealth and production – lies in the separate provinces;

if the citizens of each province and their provincial governments are to carry out the responsibilities rightfully theirs, then they must be financially equipped to do so.

it is the responsibility of the provincial governments to bring stern pressure upon Ottawa to make any necessary revisions in the financial system.

Ottawą is the creation of the provinces, not the provinces of Ottawa; and it is the duty of Ottawa to facilitate the removal of any obstacles standing between the provinces and their financial credit.

This whole "constitutional issue" comes into focus when we realize that all institutions and constitutions are man-made, to SERVE, not frustrate, our legitimate needs. Surely we are not to suffer any "constitution" which stands between our people and their God-given resources and abundance! Constitutions must safeguard rights and security — not deny them.

Constitutions are, after all, man-made, and can be revised as the need arises.

Without control of financial policy, all talk of provincial rights and sovereignty is just so much nonsense. The Quebec Government poses as the champion of provincial rights and sovereignty, but seems too inclined, when pressed to translate words into reality, to shoo us off to Ottawa. The least a Provincial Government could do would be to lead the march to Ottawa — not to beg a crust, but to DEMAND full access to our own financial credit.

It is the responsibility of Social Crediters to see that this is done.

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