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Mr. Pearson still at it!

on Thursday, 01 September 1955. Posted in Politics

The following article, dealing with Canadian foreign policy and the world communist conspiracy, is reprinted from the September issue of THE CANADIAN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE.

We have for years been disturbed by the soft, appeasing policy of our External Affairs Department with respect to the international communist conspiracy.

Failure to denounce and repudiate the infamous Yalta and Potsdam "diplomacy" which betrayed millions to Red slavery, made us a party to it.

Failure to repudiate the Roosevelt-Truman "diplomacy" in Asia which paved the way for the Red conquest of China, added nothing to our credit.

And it is known that Mr. Pearson was about to grant recognition — which means diplomatic (and espionage) facilities — to Red China when the Korean War intervened.

But now he's at it again.

The most objective publication in its field is US News and World Report. In its Aug. 19. issue is this report:

"Lester Pearson, Canada's Foreign Minister, is busy again promoting a deal that would give Nehru's India the seat in the United Nations Security Council now held by Nationalist China at the same time giving Communist China the U.N. membership in the Assembly now held by the Chiang Kai-shek Government."

The accuracy of this report becomes evident when we note that on August 25th, in Vancouver, Mr. Pearson told the Women's Canadian Club that Canada would soon consider recognition of Red China and support of Peiping's admission to the United Nations.

He argues that "recognition" does not imply approval of a regime. Be that as it may, diplomatic recognition does grant diplomatic (and espionage) facilities, on our soil, to a hostile regime; does place it in a more favourable position to strengthen itself through trade and loans!); and does, in the eyes of the world, and especially in the eyes of the captive peoples, enhance the prestige and influence of the Red Conspiracy.

Entering into a pact with the Devil may not constitute approval, technically, of his program; but it does elevate robbery with violence to a satisfactory mode of international conduct, and it does strike a devastating psychological blow against the millions valiantly fighting communist oppression under fearful odds. Satan would not "negotiate", in the first place, were it not to his advantage.

To suggest a UN seat par Peiping is to urge a seat in parliament for Al Capone. Red China fought the UN, has been declared guilty of aggression, is violating the armistice, and retains the territory it has taken. How can this record qualify a regime as a "peace-loving" state for UN membership!

Mr. Pearson says that the Reds are becoming less aggressive and less threatening. Actually, it is only their propaganda and strategy that have changed. They were finding it tough to shoot their way to world power, and so they now use the smile and honey technique. And how our great statesmen swallowed the new bait! Mr. Pearson leads the parade. Our Fisheries Minister goes "fishing" to Peiping. Our Prime Minister makes the profound statement that the Reds, too, fear the H-bomb, and, by not calling the Pearson circus off the road, unwittingly lends his great prestige to the Red "co-existence" strategy. Meanwhile, Mr. Pearson banquets Red "farmers" at public expense, and gets ready to follow in Mr. Nehru's footsteps to Moscow this fall.

May God save us from our own folly!

We just wonder if this is not all done with the knowledge and prompting of Washington, to break the ground for "recognition" of Peiping in Washington, too! The parties, bouquets and vodka Beelzebub, wouldn't lavish to entertain Mr. Eisenhower in Peiping and Moscow!

Canada's prestige is said to be high. Perhaps this is why, whenever a psychological blow is to be dealt the captive peoples, we are chosen to deliver it. It will be recalled that it was our Prime Minister, with the best of intentions, who was junketed around the world on a "good-will" tour last year and used to launch the Red "peaceful co-existence" offensive into high gear.

No amount of diplomatic double-talk or sophistry can alter the naked fact that:

'Recognition' of communist regimes and their seating in the UN does increase the facilities of the communist conspiracy, and does increase its influence in the councils of the world.

Unless Mr. Pearson can successfully refute this statement, his foreign policy would seem to be "foreign" indeed to the interests of Canada.

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