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on Thursday, 01 September 1955. Posted in Politics

Thirty years ago the Kremlin was in trouble. She needed engineers, technicians, and capital to develop power and industry, and make her first five-year plan work. It was the West that answered Moscow's call and preserved communism.

In 1941-2-3 a tottering Kremlin was again rescued, by Western lend-lease.

Now the Reds are in trouble again. They need consumer goods and time. And again it is to the West that she turns with a smile and sweet words.

A study of Soviet treaties and violations, 1917-55, reveals that during this period Moscow entered into nearly a THOUSAND treaties — and, at the same time, carried on a campaign of subversion, aggression and rape, without precedent, against the very nations with whom she made treaties.

If Mr. Eisenhower's offer to share US secrets with, and expose the US military establishment to Moscow is sound, then the Rosenbergs should be resurrected and given a medal. After all, they were only a few years ahead of the President in this business!

Incidentally, sharing of defence information does not guarantee security; but it does make more devastating and effective the FIRST blow in any future military conflict.

The left-wing Indian, Krishna Menon, says: "Our job is not to determine right and wrong, but to seek a settlement." In short, expediency, compromise with the Devil, disregard of moral principle — this is the foundation upon which our leaders are to build "peace" and "security."

Far from bringing true peace, Geneva would seem to point towards a super-Yalta betrayal of our allies in the Pacific and enslaved peoples in Eastern Europe. We cannot ignore and violate God's Law and moral principle, and reasonably expect to receive His blessing.

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