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Creeping Socialism Unwanted

on Sunday, 01 July 1956. Posted in Politics

Pierre Poujade, speaking at. St-Céré (France) before the Congress of his political movement; said:

"We remain bound to the ideal of liberty and we absolutely refuse to sacrifice it, even on the altar of progress... Even more so than politics, that which rules the destiny of a nation is economics. For this reason we consider that it is necessary, first of all, to have a solid economic philosophy on which to base, a healthy social doctrine: "But; at the very foundation of everything there is liberty. We are for liberty, against socialism which is on the march, receiving its impetus from international anti-French forces. We have no more desire to be cooked in marxist sauce than we have to be cooked in capitalist sauce. We intend to remain free men, masters of our destiny, and not just so many robots turned out from identical molds."

Now, that is essentially Social Credit language. And if Mr. Poujade succeeds in liberating country and every citizen of that country from the tyranny, which money exercises over humans and realities — as the application of Social Credit would do - he will have no reason to fear being gobbled up by either financial capitalism or marxism. When men have both liberty and economic security they have no reason to turn to the government for help at every step; they organize their own lives, choose their own occupations, give free rein to their own initiative. A Social Credit" economy voids any argument in favor of socialism.


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