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A Member of Parliament Pays For 25 Subscriptions

on Thursday, 01 March 1956. Posted in Politics

Of Dutch descent on his father's side, as his name indicates, Mr. J.-C. Van Horne, a young lawyer of Campbellton, recently elected federal member for Restigouche - Madawaska, has a French-Canadian mother. He is familiar with the two official languages of Canada.

Mr. Van Horne is a Conservative. But he is not unknown to Social Crediters in his riding, and Social Crediters are not unknown to him. The member contributed, in his own way, to the upsurge of subscriptions to our Social Credit papers during the last week of November. (See front page of this issue).

Here is the letter he wrote, on Nov. 29th, to Armand Grondin, St-Jacques de Madawaska, N.-B.

Dear Armand,

We were very pleased to have with us, last Sunday, Mr. Bouchard, who, in his fine speech, encouraged us in our work of bringing as much pressure as possible to the matter of having old age pensions effective at sixty and having the means test abolished. We believe that we will see good results from our efforts towards trying to force the government to double the present family allowances and increase old age pensions 50 per cent.

I appreciate very much the work carried out by the members of the movement, and there is no doubt that, if all Canadian citizens act in this manner, making known their wishes regarding the needs of the country, the Ottawa government will not take long to recognize its duty to the people of Canada.

I should have included a cheque in my last letter and it gives me pleasure to forward $50 for new subscribers to "Social Credit", a newspaper that doesn't beat around the bush, a paper that I read with attention and lively interest. Could you give me a list of books or articles of any sort, which would give me the opportunity of studying your movement more thoroughly.

If I can be useful to you in any way, do not hesitate to let me know.

Cordially yours,



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