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2 Million Americans protest Obama administration

on Friday, 01 January 2010. Posted in United States

Obama Care ProtestOn September 12, 2009, two million people from every State in the U.S. congregated in Washington D.C. to protest against the new health care reform. The crowd marched towards the Capitol building, chanting and carrying signs: "End the Federal Reserve", "Obama Lies, Freedom Dies", "2 Many Taxes", and "Liberty from Debt". The American people were showing their displeasure at the agenda taken on by the socialistic Obama administration. Clearly, they are not interested in a government that borrows billions from the International Monetary Fund, then pours money into the market through bailouts. The economy of the United States is in serious trouble, even though the media is making a big effort to cover it up. Both the financial crisis and the new health care reform are indications that President Obama does not have the welfare of his country, or its people, in mind.

Obama lied, freedom diedThe new health care reform that has been implemented by Obama did not mention abortion, as he was afraid that his health care bill would not be accepted if he included this controversial issue. However, the ban of the "conscience clause" now being promoted, could force doctors to kill babies even if it goes against their faith. They will be at risk of losing their jobs. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, an obstetrician who has delievered over 4,000 babies, has stated that he "will go to jail rather than perform one of these (abortion) procedures". Furthermore, the bishops of the U.S. have stated they will close all Catholic-run hospitals if this gets passed. Needless to say, this will create chaos in the country and bring great maledictions upon the United States.

Blowing mad moneyThe news of this rally is very encouraging because it means that the American people are waking up and are ready to stand up for justice and truth. Obviously, the media has been silenced on these issues, because not one of the major television stations or newspapers talked about this rally. We must continue to strive for justice in our country, there is much work to be done and great battles to be fought!

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