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Why remain loyal to the Work of MICHAEL ?

Written by Melvin Sickler on Monday, 01 May 2023. Posted in Pilgrims of St. Michael

Spiritually and economically complete

Several times I have been asked why I remain a loyal member of the MICHAEL Movement (the Pilgrims of Saint Michael). What is it about the Pilgrims of Saint Michael that is so special?

This is a good question. To begin with, I find that the Pilgrims of Saint Michael is the only movement that I know of that is complete; a movement that works with the economic issues as well as the spiritual issues.

The Popes of the Catholic Church have written several encyclicals and have given countless speeches where they have stated, in a nutshell, that the laity have the grace of state and the responsibility to work for ways to fight poverty and, in particular, to work for a worldwide monetary reform that respects the rights and dignity of every human person.

It was Pope Benedict XV who once stated: "It is in the economic field that the salvation of souls is at stake." One can honestly also say that the nucleus of all evil stems from those who control the monies of the world. Just think for a moment. Often, if not every day, you do transactions using some form of money, be it cash, check, or credit card. Without this medium of exchange, you could not buy your basic necessities to live; some form of money is needed to function properly in any society. So if the money of a given area becomes controlled, all the people who live in that area also become controlled.

If money is scarce, and there are no social programs to help, people are more apt to turn to dishonest or even criminal means to find a way to survive. Thus sin becomes a way of life for many!

But with monetary reform, such as the Pilgrims of Saint Michael propose, people could live in financial security without having to work two or three jobs to survive, always being assured that they would have the necessary money to buy their necessities to live, and they would also have more free time to attend to their eternal salvation.

A duty to fight poverty

 Some may say that they are all set as far as their financial situation is concerned; that they have a financial security where there are no worries about paying bills, and that they live quite comfortably. But what about the rest of the world? What about all the people who live in dire poverty, who struggle every day just to keep alive? Do we just ignore them?

 As of 2022, the number of people suffering from chronic hunger worldwide has climbed to 811 million. Approximately 50 million people are facing emergency levels of hunger across 45 countries. The situation has gotten so serious in the last couple of years that many countries are now at the risk of famine.

 An annual study by the United Nations has found that more and more people every year are going hungry. Tens of millions have joined the ranks of the chronically under-nourished over the past five years, and countries around the world continue to struggle with multiple forms of malnutrition.

To correct the problem

 We could send donations to charitable organizations to help the people in these Third World countries, and the Church even encourages that we do so. But if these donations can relieve a few poor people for a few days or weeks, they nevertheless do not suppress the causes of poverty.

We, the Pilgrims of Saint Michael, believe that the Social Credit philosophy that we promote, if applied into the laws of every country, would put an end to world poverty, an end to wars, and an end to the threat of a one-world government. How could anyone who has a true love for their neighbor turn their back on such a beautiful program as that of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael?

For myself, I will remain a loyal member of the Pilgrims of Saint Michael until death in anyway that I can assist, always making it a point to wear my white beret as a witness of my loyalty to so great a Work. For I know that when I die, I too, like everyone else, will be judged on how I worked to assist my neighbor who was in need. No, I refuse to sin by omission!

About the Author

Melvin Sickler

Melvin Sickler

Melvin Sickler is a remarkable apostle. He does the door-to-door Rosary Crusade all over Canada and the United States to solicit subscriptions to Michael, and hold meetings.

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