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To remain Social Crediters and active in the apostolate

Written by Melvin Sickler on Monday, 01 October 2012. Posted in Testimonies

Melvin SicklerMelvin Sickler has been a full-time Pilgrim for the MICHAEL Movement for the last 37 years, and he is a model for the apostolate work. Again this year, he has been the champion of our apostles by collecting 3292 subscriptions to our magazine. ith MICHAEL. Here are excerpts from the speech Mr. Sickler gave at our Congress this September:


The corrupt financial system

This past year (2011-2012), I have done apostolate work in Canada, Ireland, and in the United States, many times with the assistance of full-time and local workers who generously gave of their time for the Cause. And on these tours of apostolate, I literally visited with people whom I considered to be prisoners of the present economic system. I visited with people who are living under the stress of trying to keep their heads above water (financially speaking), hoping for a better tomorrow. How many people have said to me they are unemployed and cannot find work. How many people have said to me they are in danger of losing their homes and their life’s savings. How many people there are who are searching for answers, for solutions, in order to have some kind of economic security for themselves and their families.

During this past week of study, the point was made on how the International Bankers are behind all the evil in the world. It is they who plan and instigate wars, financing both sides of the same war, with all involved getting deeper and deeper into debt to them. It is they who are responsible for all the poverty and hunger in the world brought on by the debt-money system in every country, forcing many to turn to corruption in order to survive in a system that is corrupt. And it is they who are now planning to bankrupt every country, putting into motion their plan for a global one-world government, taking complete control of every human being upon earth with the imposition of the microchip.

During this past week of study, we literally studied the plan of Satan for the ruination of souls, using the debt-money system of every country. But we also studied a plan of Heaven to build the Kingdom of the Immaculate upon the earth where all would have their basic necessities to live with the application of the Social Credit philosophy applied into the laws of every country.

There is now massive poverty and starvation all over the world where many have to go without their basic necessities to live. It is truly a miracle of Satan that we can live in an age of abundance and advanced technology, that we can live at a time when we could physically easily feed the whole world several times over, and yet we still have massive numbers of people on the brink of starvation. It is the artificial control of the money by an elite few that is the root cause of this problem. It is the greed of this few, who through the ignorance of the peoples, are able to bring about such a diabolical situation of poverty amidst plenty.

There is no need to have starvation in front of mountains of production. There is no need for the peoples of the world to live in a financial insecurity when all that is lacking is the credit-numbers, the money, to buy the goods. There is no need for a country to borrow its money at interest, especially when it could create that same money itself without interest.

It is the Social Crediters who understand this diabolical system of money creation, and it is they, the Social Crediters of the “Michael” Journal, who present a logical solution that is in conformity with the social doctrine of the Church to correct this diabolical system of finance. And it is they, the Social Crediters, who have learned to take their responsibilities to make this great light known to others. What a grace and privilege we have to be able to give the peoples of the world hope when we give them our Social Credit materials. What an honor it is to belong to such a worthy cause.


To remain active

The main thing now is to be active and to persevere in our apostolate; to remain loyal to the Work of “Michael”. We must be pillars among the population, solid and firm in our convictions. In other words, to be decided, not deceased! Always wear the White Beret. Always fly the Social Credit flags on your cars and in your yards. Always read “Michael” two or three times to remain in the spirit of the apostolate. Once a Social Crediter, always a Social Crediter. Once a Pilgrim of Saint Michael, always a Pilgrim of Saint Michael.

The point is we must not be afraid to make an effort to be an active apostle. We must not be afraid of what people will say. We must not be afraid to make mistakes, for what is experience but a succession of errors. Fear is a tool of Satan to sit us down, but if we face this fear, it will disappear.

Always have leaflets on hand to give to others on all occasions. Many have set a goal to distribute a certain amount of leaflets every week. Always show the “Michael” magazine to others, encouraging them also to subscribe and to read and study the good material found in our magazine. And always make it a point to talk to everyone you meet about the Work of “Michael”. With our leaflets and our “Michael” magazines, we have everything at our disposal to advance the Work.


To be truly devoted

When I do the door-to-door Rosary Crusade, I do not always get big results as far as subscriptions go. I am not always received with open arms. But because I want to devote myself in charity, working for the love of my neighbour, I visit the sanctuary of the families, knowing that I can do much good with my visits. I also know that the sacrifices I make when doing the apostolate will help obtain the victory, because as Pilgrims of Saint Michael, all our actions are consecrated to Our Lady. Nothing is lost when we work for the love of our neighbour with a pure heart!

Heaven needs all of us in the battle. We have all been chosen for a very special mission. When we die and stand before God in judgement, we will all be judged on what we did for the love of our neighbour; we will be judged on how we used the graces that we received.

There is so much good each and everyone of us can do to advance the work with just a little bit of effort on our part. It was Blessed John Paul II who once said: “It is good to give our goods to help others, but to give of yourself is better!”

A spiritual warfare

Of course, we must keep in mind that it is not us alone who will obtain the Social Credit victory; it will not be just by our own efforts that we will be able to correct the financial systems of the world. We are now in a spiritual war. In fact, we are now in the greatest spiritual war in the history of the world for souls. We are now in an age of advanced technology where it is actually physically possible to enslave the entire human race with a global government. By no means are we living in normal times.

We are in a spiritual war that involved all the forces of good and evil. We must therefore pray much in order to obtain the spiritual assistance of Heaven. Every day we should make an effort to go to daily Mass and receive Our Lord in the Eucharist. We must also pray daily to Saint Michael the Archangel and his cohort of angels to be always with us. Angels are wise and powerful, and we cannot function without their assistance. In fact, my first prayer every morning when I am on a tour of apostolate is the Chaplet of Saint Michael in honour of the nine choirs of angels.

We must also have a great devotion to the Rosary, knowing that many victories have been obtained in the past against evil through the daily recitation of the Rosary. As I travel from one destination to another on my tours of apostolate, I always manage to say many decades of the Rosary. And to wear the Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel. Many times I think about what Our Lady said to Saint Dominic: “One day through the Rosary and the Scapular, I will save the world.”


All in the battle

Heaven we know will have the final victory where evil will be turned into good. But Heaven needs each one of us to use as instruments in this spiritual battle. Heaven needs each one of us to be a solid witness to the truth of Social Credit. Heaven is counting on each one of us to be active apostles, going throughout the world, bearing all persecutions and crosses patiently, offering up all for the glory of God, knowing that our consecration to Our Lady will bear many meritorious fruits, always keeping in mind that the eventual victory will be with Heaven. In other words, to win a war we must fight the war!

Let us all make the resolution to do everything within our means and situations to promote the Cause. We must remember that all that is needed for the advance of evil is for good men to do nothing! May God bless each and every one of you!



About the Author

Melvin Sickler

Melvin Sickler

Melvin Sickler is a remarkable apostle. He does the door-to-door Rosary Crusade all over Canada and the United States to solicit subscriptions to Michael, and hold meetings.

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