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To consecrate oneself each day

Written by Gilberte Côté-Mercier on Thursday, 01 May 2003. Posted in Pilgrims of St. Michael

“Michael”, an educational Work

 John Paul II with a statue of Our Lady of FatimaPope John Paul II with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, a few weeks after the attempt on his life on May 13, 1981.

Things are going very bad in the world, aren't they? How can all that be changed? God will do it, but not without us. He requires of our collaboration. Did not God wait for Mary's Fiat to become incarnate?

Now that Mary is Queen of the universe, that She governs Heaven and earth, She calls on apostles for Christ. It is She who wants to make their programme. Mary asks for volunteers to build Her Kingdom. Mary wants consecrated souls for the City that She has the mission to erect.

What must you do to become a slave of Mary? You must be ready to accept the programme of Mary, the Queen. Basically, it is a consecration to God, to Jesus, through the hands of Mary, who leads you to Her Son, Jesus. It is a contract that you sign with the two Hearts of Jesus and Mary. You accept to take care of Their honor and interests, and They promise to take care of you and those who are dear to you. Isn't it a most advantageous contract for you? Most certainly!

How can you get to know the programme of Mary for you? Mary makes use of circumstances to make you know God's Will. For example, you have met the “Michael” Movement one day. This meeting you have made with “Michael” is a circumstance that orientates you and specifies Mary's programme for you.

“Michael” is quite a Work, a work of apostolate by the press, by home visits, by conferences, by pilgrimages. The “Michael” Movement is the Pilgrims of St. Michael, consecrated slaves of Jesus through Mary who work for the salvation of souls and to build a Kingdom for the Immaculate in justice on earth.

“Michael” is an educational Work, a travelling school, with teachers who are pilgrims on the road. The true teacher is the “Michael” Journal. But the apostle who brings “Michael” in the homes is also a teacher. He preaches by example and by word. He makes people pray in the homes, and makes them read “Michael” in their homes.

This apostle is dedicated, and accentuates his consecration every day. To consecrate oneself surely means to recite acts of consecration, but it means, first of all, to give, dedicate oneself, to offer one's thoughts, feelings, skills, time, to help with one's money.

It means doing all that all bit more every day. “We must all be converted anew every day”, says Pope John Paul II. Likewise, the true apostle must give a bit more of himself every day.

Do you want to be consecrated as a slave of Jesus through Mary? Become of Pilgrim of St. Michael. Go and bring the Rosary and “Michael” in the homes. Recite the Rosary and read “Michael” with others, in the homes of others.

For that, you must leave your home, be detached of yourself. Try it this week. Then, try once each week, by entrusting your entire life to the care of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Louis Even was a consecrated slave of Jesus through Mary. The Work he founded in 1934 is now known in the entire world, and counts apostles in almost 100 countries. They are the “Pilgrims of St. Michael”, who work to “build the Kingdom of the Immaculate”, according to Louis Even's motto to define his programme and that of the disciples whom he had formed. Louis Even was guided step by step, in this foundation, by the Immaculate Herself.

St. Maximilian Kolbe founded a “City of the Immaculate” in Poland and in Japan, and also a work of press, now spread all over the world. Maximilian Kolbe was a consecrated slave of Jesus through Mary.

Pope John Paul II is himself a consecrated slave of Mary. His motto: “Totus Tuus sum”, “I am all Thine, O Mary.” This Pope is a pilgrim pope who preaches justice and conversion all over the world. He will change the face of the earth. It is the Immaculate who makes John Paul II's programme.

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